5 Fascinating Facts About Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, known as a record-holding sniper for the U.S. military, had killed over 160 people. This makes him the most iconic of all snipers throughout U.S. history.

He joined the Navy back in 1999, serving 13 years after spending time in the great outdoors where he grew up learning how to shoot at his ranch.

Want to know more about this interesting military veteran? Here, we'll give you five interesting facts about Chris Kyle that you may not know.

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1. Chris Kyle Fought in the Iraq War

Kyle was part of four tours in the Iraq War. Due to his time served, he received numerous awards and acclamations.

This shows that he played a huge part in the fight against Iraq and received a commendation in return for his participation.

2. He Got Discharged as a Navy SEAL

The Navy SEAL got discharged from the U.S. Navy but with honor and privilege for all that he accomplished for his nation.

This took place in 2009, four years before the military veteran got murdered.

3. A Book and Movie Was Made Based on His Life

The autobiography, American Sniper, based on the life of Chris Kyle was first published in 2012 but later made into a movie after he died in 2014.

The book became renowned as a best-seller, read amongst advocates of all that he achieved on behalf of his country and the lives that he saved during his time at war.

Clint Eastwood directed the movie which received a 7.3 out of 10 rating on IMDb.

4. How Old He Was When He Shot His First Rifle

At the tender age of eight, what would become American Sniper Chris Kyle shot his very first rifle. He received this from his father. The rifle was a bolt action .30-06 Springfield.

After that, he progressed on to learning how to use a shotgun. He went on hunting pursuits with his father shooting quail, deer, and pheasants.

5. How Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Died

The man titled American Sniper died on 2 February 2013, the year before the movie became released. After a shooting expedition with a friend, he was found nearby Chalk Mountain in Texas at a shooting range.

He was shot by another ex-military veteran, Eddie Ray Routh, who had a history of mental issues. A the time, Kyle was only 38 years old.

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The book was written by Chris Kyle himself, Jim Defelice, and Scott McEwen.

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Chris Kyle is well known for his accomplishments on the battlefield, the number one best-selling book, and the movie about his interesting life as a U.S. hero.

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