5 Popular Navy SEAL Retirement Jobs

Among military teams, there is no group more elite than the Navy SEALs, who have to put in a lot of work to secure their retirements. There are currently 2,450 Navy SEALs serving in the military who will need to put in at least 20 years before retirement.

Everyone talks about how challenging it is to be on the elite force, but what about after their duty? Like many military veterans, finding work isn't always easy as an ex-Navy SEAL. Let's talk about the best Navy SEAL retirement jobs to choose from to help you stay secure during retirement!

With that, because this special group has a collection of the smartest and most creative minds who are able to think best on their feet under the most duress situations (common trait of successful CEOs), many begin their own companies.  But those who don't, they may prefer the more ordinary well of earning an income.  Here are a few:

Private Security Jobs

A private security job at a local mall or public facility may only pay $12 to $15 an hour. For many in retirement, that's no problem. However, there are many higher-paying security jobs if you know where to look.

Many elite private security companies actively hire military veterans, especially highly-trailed special forces like SEALS. Some of the biggest firms include CACI, Vectrus, GRS, and SOC. Most armed security jobs pay an average of $39,000 a year, with some paying up to $60,000 a year.

Many wealthy and high-profile people (especially billionaires) choose Navy SEALs as their first choice for bodyguards and similar security jobs. There are also plenty of agencies to go through for similar work.

Keep in mind that private security jobs vary widely in responsibilities. Some may require you to sit in an armored vehicle, sit at a desk, or follow and protect an important figure. Depending on your physical abilities in retirement, it's important to ask around and find the right fit for your needs.

Tech Sales

The technical education of a SEAL, combined with their quick wits and communication skills, can make retirees perfect for a job in sales. With new technologies hitting the market all the time, there are thousands of openings for sales jobs in the solar, wind, and electronics departments. These jobs could include direct customer sales, selling to other businesses, or selling larger contracts to governments.

Regardless of the type of job, people trust a Navy SEAL more than they trust your average salesman. This extra credibility could show major successes in the industry, especially if you find work selling something you've used as a SEAL. There are plenty of companies hiring sales positions that favor veterans, especially highly skilled veterans like SEALs.

Information Security Analyst

Depending on the type of training you received during your years in service, information security analyst jobs could be a great fit for you. Salaries range from $58,000 to $150,000, so it would make a great career once your contract is up, and you can easily work during retirement.

Information security analysts are responsible for cybersecurity risk assessment, data encryption, and other cybersecurity tasks. If you have a background or education in information technology or computer science, you should have an easy time finding work with a Navy SEAL background.

All of the largest tech companies in the country actively try to hire military veterans, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and GoDaddy. You can try companies like PwC or local, state, and federal security jobs for security-specific companies. Otherwise, you can try going through a military veteran job agency to find jobs in the field!

EMS/Medical Field

Emergency medical technology, medical assisting, nursing, and many other options are always looking for qualified candidates. If you had extensive medical training in the Navy, then you shouldn't have trouble finding work as an EMT or other medical position comparable to your skill level. There are plenty of available healthcare jobs for military officials throughout the US.

Local fire departments are always looking for paid or volunteer firefighters or EMT/Paramedics. However, these jobs will also require a physical fitness test, so it will depend on your circumstances. Either way, fire departments often prioritize those with military backgrounds, especially for special ops.

There are always options for working in the medical field. Everything from hospitals to summer camps and cargo ships requires trained nurses or medical professionals. Also, there is a shortage of skilled medical workers throughout the country, so finding work is easier than ever!

The medical field has plenty of different job opportunities, and those jobs tend to be more resistant to recessions than other fields. For example, nurses will earn up to $50,000 more than EMTs. If you want a long-term, stable income, get qualified and start filling out applications!

Commercial Diver

This has to be the most logical of the Navy SEAL careers on this list. If you got into the Navy because you love the water, then why not dive for a living?

Commercial divers are always needed to clean up any wreckage, explore undiscovered areas, clean up waste, maintenance/repairs, and more. Commercial divers are also paid quite well, with the average salary around $55,000 and top earners earning more than $90,000 annually.

Some of the most popular companies include Bisso Marine, Midco Diving & Marine, Dryden Diving, Inc., and Subsea Global Solutions. All of these companies prefer candidates with military backgrounds, especially in the Navy or Marines.

Navy SEAL Retirement

Now that you know some of the best Navy SEAL civilian jobs, enjoy your Navy SEAL retirement with a secure income! Navy SEALs are all highly skilled, but depending on what you learn in the military, there are some jobs that will work better for you.

Stay up to date with our latest tips for Navy SEALs, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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