A One-Time Prince Who Became a SEAL Against All Odds

(Defense.gov) Remi Adeleke's incredible family story can be confused as a movie script. Being born into Nigerian royal family to losing everything and then following death of his father his remaining family moved to the Bronx. From having everything to almost having nothing to the troubled streets and life that the impoverished streets of New York can introduced to Remi, he finally made it to BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training) even with legal challenges along the way. Oh yes, one more small problem or challenge [no problems in life, only opportunities]), Remi could barely swim. Not the best resume highlight for BUD/S training.

Remi's story is an true inspiration. His life serves as a reminder that whatever the mind (and heart) can believe and conceive, it can achieve. Just have to be stronger, work harder, persevere no matter how dire the odds... and stay away from the brass bell.

Watch the amazing Remi Adleke video here.

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