Are All Navy SEALs Natural Born Killers

With the way that Navy SEALS are portrayed by Hollywood, there is a misconception that their training and missions are based on violence, secrets, and blood. And while some of this can be true (some of the time), by no means is it a rule. In fact, SEALs are sent are far more mundane – and less violent – missions than many of us realize.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still skilled killers, that is, when the killing has to be done. Then again, there are those who have to ease into a gig of hurting others. Like any job, personalities come into play. There will be skills and ideals that one sailor is good at, while others he has to study and learn. This is true of any task within military service – as well as many within civilian life.

Here’s Why SEALs are “Good” Killers

When training to be a Navy SEAL, soldiers learn many tasks that the average person will not. They learn how to protect themselves and fellow SEALs, they learn how to fit in within different cultures, they learn to rescue others in serious situations, and yes they learn how to kill. At least, they learn about the possibility of killing, and how to carry out fighting techniques. Does this make them a natural-born killer? No. It makes them a good soldier who was able to learn and adapt to the training that was thrown at them.

Will some struggle in this respect? Perhaps. No one is good at everything. But that doesn’t mean they aren't a natural-born killer any more than the next SEAL. It means they were born with a different set of attributes, and it may take more honing to zero in on a particular request of their job.

In the same light, some may exceed where others do not. This isn’t an aspect of military fighting, it’s simply part of life.

In any case, the reason SEALs are “good” killers is that they are trained in this area. They learn from the best and the brightest. In most cases, likely, those seen as “natural-born” killers are simply the most experienced. Whether they’ve undergone the most training or real0life experience, SEALs are good at what they do.

How Do SEALs Learn to Kill?

There are many ways to learn how to become a better soldier, and part of that means the violent aspects that go along with this line of work. However, that doesn’t mean Navy SEALs are violent or murderous in nature. Only that they are good at what they do – taking direction, following training, and learning what their branch of armed forces has asked them to learn.

Remember, this information isn’t given to the public at large. SEAL candidates have to first undergo rigorous physical and mental training. Part of that is showing that they are psychologically fit to serve their country in various ways, including those that could include violence of some kind.

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