Armed Forces Overview

U.S. Military Careers

Choosing which military branch of the service to enlist in is not always an easy decision. There are five major brands within the US military, and they all have unique histories, as well as military careers and opportunities to offer recruits. In some cases, the decision to join one branch or another may have as much to do with a person’s personality as with their goals in life.

Military careers are offered through the five major branches: the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Most of these military institutions have been a part of American history since the revolutionary war in the 1700s. Each branch is responsible for different functions.

For example, the duty of the Army is to protect and defend the United States, its territories, and other countries worldwide through its massive use of artillery, ground troops, and tactical weapons.

The Navy is assigned to maintain and monitor and ensure freedom on the open seas worldwide and use naval ships, including airfare aircraft carriers to submarines, to ensure that American territorial waters are safe and secure. The Navy also transports land-based personnel, such as Marine Corps personnel, to various locations worldwide.

The Air Force is charged with the support of defending the United States from the air as well as outer space. Since World War I, the importance, and impact of aerial combat and warfare have developed so that, in many cases, they may substitute for massive ground forces and offer a long-range combat strategy.

Because the Marine Corps is one of the oldest military services known in the United States, it also carries a history of tradition, loyalty, and tales of courage and bravery. The Marine Corps is unique in all military services due to their rapid ability to deploy through air power and the Navy to transport them anywhere that they are needed in a very brief time.

The United States Coast Guard was designed to enforce support along the American continent's coastlines and take part in rescue services and missions during times of peace and war.

While there is a friendly competition between all military careers, these forces often join together to serve a common cause in defending the territory and citizens of the United States from assault from land, sea, and air.