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Basics of Navy SEAL Missions

 The Navy SEALs stands for Sea, Air, and Land.  No matter where they are needed, the NAVY SEAL will get there.  They aren’t limited to a certain area of expertise.  They are constantly training for the success of missions that can’t be completed by anyone else.  The Navy SEALs are more than the high profile…

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One-On-One Tough Chat With Former SEAL Commander

I recently had the opportunity to sit and listen as a retired Navy SEAL reflected on a long career in the Navy. As he spoke of his early days in Basic Underwater Demolition/Swimming (BUD/S), “hell week,” two tours in Vietnam, and other experiences comprising 23 years as a Navy SEAL, even now after twenty-plus years…

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Navy Parachute Team: Leap Frogs

Leap Frogs, the Navy parachute team, spends most of its time traveling throughout the United States to conduct mesmerizing stunts. The team, which is based in San Diego, consists of Navy SEALs and other members of the Special Warfare Commandos (SWCC). Purpose of the Leap Frogs The Leap Frogs essentially acts as a Navy recruitment…

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How to Become a Navy SEAL

After a team of Navy SEALs successfully killed Osama Bin Laden, interest in this group greatly increased. Today, more people than ever before are interested in becoming an enlisted Navy SEAL. For more information on joining the Navy and potentially becoming a SEAL, click here. On the surface, it sounds simple to become a Navy…

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Becoming a Navy SEAL Takes Unswerving Heart

Being a Navy SEAL Takes Heart There are many people who want to try and become a Navy SEAL, but it may surprise them when it comes to learning what it takes. Worried your size and weight may be against you? How about wondering if you can even make it through the indoctrination course? From…

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Navy SEALS Known For Mental & Physical Toughness

Navy SEALS Known For Their Toughness These guys are hard-core. The force called in to complete what seems like mission impossible, the Navy SEALS are known for both their incredible mental and physical toughness. The legendary special operations group is known for their ‘never-say-die’ attitude and their success rate at getting the job done—the jobs…

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Becoming a Navy SEAL

Becoming a SEAL in the Navy is no easy task, and it’s an accomplishment reserved only for the strongest warriors the US Navy has to offer.  Candidates who survive all phases of Navy Seal training possess superior qualities that can’t be faked thorough training.  Candidates’ minds and bodies are pushed to unimaginable extremes and not…

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Navy SEALS Run Silent, Run Deep

Navy SEALS and Submarines Run Silent Many military veterans and civilians are familiar with Hollywood movies about submarine warfare. Movies like "Run Silent, Run Deep", "The Enemy Below", and "Das Boot" have been indelibly carved into the minds and spirits of submariners as well as civilian movie audiences for decades. However, while they are not…

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BUD/S Training Navy SEALs Forgotten Questions

Time and time again, the same Navy SEALs questions are brought to the forefront. What are the age requirements? Can women join the SEALs? How can I get started? These are the common questions that are often times asked by those interested in becoming a SEAL in the near future. Of course, there are other…

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Navy SEALs The Elite of The Elite

SWCC’s: The Horsepower Behind The Navy Seals Although the US Navy SEALs are the tip of the spear and are the elite of the elite, they are not the only component that is vital to the effectiveness of the US Navy’s Special Warfare Operations. Objectives are usually incredibly deep in hostile territory, and one mistake…

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