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Women and Men are Special Ops Navy Divers

Navy Diver Training Includes Underwater Demolition SEAL BUDS Test If you are passionate about swimming or SCUBA diving, consider what the U.S.Navy has to offer. In addition to all expenses paid dives all over the world,the Navy offers paid training, salary, benefits and adventure filled careers to it’s divers. U.S. Navy divers are a part…

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Medal Of Honor To Go To Navy Hero

Elite Member Of SEAL Team Gave His Life For His Comrades   San Diego- There is nothing nobler than to give your life to save the lives of your fellow soldiers. One such example will be noted in a special White House Medal of Honor ceremony for a brave Navy SEAL Team member. The courage…

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Combat Assault Rifle for Special Ops

A New Combat Assault Rifle for Special Ops Teams United States Special Operations Command, (SOCOM) has approved the initiation of training with a new assault rifles by Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, and other special operations troops and teams in the United States military. The new Mark 16 and Mark 17 rifles provide elite troops…

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Navy Seal BUDS Training Video 1 of 4

Navy Seal BUDS Training Video 1 of 4 Think you have what it takes to be a Navy Seal. Watch this video. Then go out and do dozens of push ups. Oh yeah, with a 50 LB weight on your back. Then go out and swim in 50 degree water for a couple of miles.…

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Redesigned Patrol Boat

Redesigned Patrol Boat Faster and Lighter Mark V Craft Redesigned For Navy by Boothbay Vessel Company Boothbay, Maine The job of Navy SEAL Personnel, or Sea, Air, and Land Sailors, is to charge hard into harms way performing their assigned, sometimes dangerous missions. Often times this necessitates delivery of people by small craft into small…

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