Basic Navy Opportunities

General Naval Opportunities

The Navy has hundreds of career opportunities for both enlisted and officer
careers. Enlisted careers require sailors to have at least a high school diploma
or high school equivalency diploma, while a hopeful Naval officer needs at
least four years of college or more to receive a commission.

After basic requirements are met, career choices are nearly limitless. Careers
for enlisted men and women who don't have a college degree may be found among
such fields as:

• Law enforcement


Special operations

World languages

Construction and building

Purchasing and supply



Intelligence and communications

That's just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens more, all of which offer
training in various specialties in order to meet high standards both in the
military and in the civilian world.

Sailors who are earning college degrees during their military service are
eligible for careers and job opportunities that are open to officers, as well
as increase in pay. Careers for officers who hold a degree may be found, among
others, within the fields of:

• Civil engineering


Information warfare


Surface warfare


Special operations

In addition, men and women who hold a degree may also obtain health care careers
within the Navy, including but not limited to fields such as:

• Physicians



Aerospace physiology

Different career fields offer different pay scales. Education and training
from within the Navy enables smooth transition from military to civilian life
in aspects of experience as well as educational units earned in various educational
environments that are applied to civilian degree and certification requirements.

Ongoing education is encouraged in the Navy, as is finding a career that's
a perfect fit for every individual's interests and skills. Basic Navy opportunities
abound for those who wish to try new things or switch career or jobs in the
Navy. Using a combination of day-to-day hands-on experience as well as classroom
instruction in various specialties, the Navy meets and exceeds high standards
of education to offer careers and jobs to everyone.

The Navy offers career fields to both enlisted and officer personnel that
are necessary and in demand both in military and civilian environments. Setting
up course for the future through training and education provided by the United
States Navy is an opportunity that many men and women just can't pass up.