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#1 Amazon Nonfiction Inspirational Autobiography & Multi-Award Winner Including the prestigious Nonfiction Authors Association "Gold" Award

"Thank you for not only serving our country but for opening up to tell the world about your Christianity..." Medal of Honor Gold Star Family Member

“It was a GREAT READ! Tremendously inspirational! I became misty-eyed more than once while reading it!  Navy SEAL Team Commander


Unfiltered. Unafraid. Real-life Spiritual Growth Lessons Learned From Navy SEAL Training (BUD/S) For Stronger Faith, Courage, & Confidence That Never Blinks.

For Larry Fowler, Navy SEAL (BUD/S) training was almost a killer... Hell Week, swimming in human waste in the Tijuana mudflats, and six months of mental torture can ruin anyone's desire to achieve their goals, much less find their purpose in life.

This Christian best-seller may forever change how you view faith while giving you an insider's look into U.S. Navy SEAL (BUD/S) training. This is a book you will refer to time and time again as you encounter and navigate life's challenges.

“This part biography, part look behind the scenes of Navy SEAL training and wholly engaging book is a must read…”

“I just go done reading the ENTIRE book! I did not put it down…”

“Fowler encourages readers to live a powerful Christian life through his lessons learned at Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training…”

 “Each chapter describes a different part of the SEALs training (BUD/S) and my goodness, it’s absolutely grueling. I was horrified in parts…”

“Understand more of what you can possibly do that you didn’t even know you could really do and how trusting in your faith changes all of it.”

“Larry’s ‘insiders look’ into the Navy SEALs training combined with his strong faith makes this book a unique and gripping read…”

“More than just a riveting read, this remarkable book relates the challenges, difficulties and hardships encountered in SEAL training to the deep truths and spiritual wisdom found in Scripture…”

“Larry’s book is more than just a one-time read. This is a book you will refer back to time and time again as you encounter and navigate through the various trails & challenges in life.”

“Struck by the honest, raw and inspiring experiences of the author. I was humbled by the dichotomy between the proud enduring driven Navy SEAL (training) and the humble man who has faced insurmountable odds…”

 “Will challenge you and your faith and encourage you when you are facing the troubles of this world..”

True Christian living is not a prison but your pathway to freedom. Enjoy your copy of Dare To Live Greatly Today!

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