Forty years ago during the Vietnam War, as a Navy SEAL team was executing a daring mission deep inside enemy territory, they watched a plane crash into the Cambodian jungle. Now, possessing new intelligence that the plane contained South Vietnam's gold bullion, retired SEAL Team Commander Jake Boucher re-assembles his men to search for the gold. But riches are not the only thing found. What Jake and his team discover may cost them their lives. They find themselves targeted by two superpowers who will risk war to silence them. A vast conspiracy is underway, and only Jake and his men can stop it.if they survive.

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  1. Written By: larryf

    I enjoyed Paul’s book! Full of intrigue, mystery that kept me on edge like a endless flow of nonstop coffee. All the while through the lens of Paul’s vibrant real life experience while he served in the teams. Thanks, Paul. Keep writing!

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