Never Too Early To Think About Military Retirement

Every frogman knows the importance of planning a mission. Likewise, retirement requires a lot of planning and consideration. In addition to finances, you need to think about when and where you’ll retire. Move back home or to an area with little or no military installation? Remain close to a VA base for ongoing medical benefits?…

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All About BUD/S & Training to Become a Naval Special Warfare Operator

On its official Navy SEALs page, the US Navy’s warning reads: “You should consult your physician or other health-care professional before starting any exercise regime…to determine if it is right for your needs.” Is that ever an understatement! As one who has survived the brutal training to become a Navy SEAL, I’ll tell you now…

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A Pandemic Of Navy SEAL Posers

(Written by Don Shipley, BUD/S Class 131) Jerry was a Navy SEAL Admiral and Vietnam War veteran with the highest kill count of any Navy SEAL in history. As busy as Jerry was, running a consulting business in Georgia, he always took time out of his day to pass along training advice to aspiring SEALs…

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4Th Of July Honors To Our Military

(Defense.gov) Before military aircraft screamed over the National Mall and fireworks lit up the night sky yesterday as part of the "2020 Salute to America" event in the nation's capital, the president spoke from the South Lawn of the White House about the contributions of U.S. military personnel to American freedom and history. "Tonight, we…

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“I Was 12 Years Old When My Brother Was Killed in Viet Nam.”

(USMiltary.com) I was 12 years old when my brother Mike was killed in Viet Nam. It was early on a Saturday morning, late November, 1968, when there was a knock at the door. My Dad was upstairs shaving, and my Mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. I answered the door, and there was an…

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Peering Into The Future: NATO Initiative 2030

(Defense.gov) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg launched an initiative to peer into the future to see how the alliance should react in an increasingly competitive world. The secretary general unveiled his NATO 2030 initiative at a virtual Atlantic Council Front Page event this morning. Stoltenberg spoke from NATO headquarters in Brussels. The COVID-19 epidemic exemplifies…

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