VA Loan Benefits For Navy Veterans

One of the best, yet most underutilized, benefits of serving in the armed forces is the loan guarantee program provided by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Simply put, veterans should know all about the VA home loans. The VA offers no down payment mortgage loan guarantees to qualifying current and former service members, or…

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Undecided On The Military Branch To Join?

Dr. Scott A. Ostrow, Lt Col, USAF (Retired)printed by permission from US Military! The Navy Seals offers amazing training like none other. However, Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training is not for everyone. May be wise to compare the military branches long before joining the military. Don't dare commit important years of your life without doing…

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How To Enjoy Your Navy Retirement

How do you see yourself spending your time after leaving or retiring from the US Navy? Each military branch offers support options to help you make the transition, but what are things you want to do and how do you plan for life after being in the US Navy? As you set out to define…

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Can You Qualify For More Than One VA Home Loan?

Can veterans qualify for more than one VA home loan? Many applicants already with a VA loan are constantly asking this question: Can you have more than one VA loan? Some may argue about this concept and have answers for why you can or cannot. How you go about obtaining your next loan after the…

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Possible to Get a VA Loan With a Bankruptcy?

Getting a VA loan after filing bankruptcy or going through foreclosure is something most people don’t anticipate happening to them. Either situation can make things more difficult for potential borrowers financially moving forward. Your credit score takes a hit and if you do obtain credit again, interest rates could be high making monthly payments even…

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