Chad Wilkinson Navy SEAL: A Legacy of Courage and Sacrifice

Navy SEAL Senior Chief Chad Wilkinson was known for a heart as fierce as an eagle and courage rivaling that of a lion; he soared above many challenges. Yet, even our strongest warriors carry invisible wounds.

In this gripping narrative about Chad's life and legacy, we'll trace his journey from following his family's footsteps into the military to facing unimaginable trials on active duty. His story is punctuated by love - for his country, his wife Sara, and their Virginia Beach community - but also overshadowed by mental health struggles that eventually led him down a tragic path.

This tale isn't just about understanding what went wrong; it’s an urgent call to action. As you read on, remember: every word carries weight...every sentence has a purpose...

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The Legacy of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson

Navy SEAL Senior Chief Chad Wilkinson was more than a decorated serviceman; he symbolized dedication and courage. A warrior in every sense, his life echoed the ethos of those elite special operators who dared to venture where others wouldn't.

Born into a military family, it's no surprise that Chad felt the call to serve early on. His father and uncle were naval officers, laying down a path for him that led straight into the heart of America’s most challenging battlefield: The United States Navy SEALs.

The Military Background of Chad Wilkinson

Leaving college early wasn't an easy decision for young Chad, but Virginia Beach had other plans for him - it was here he met his future wife, Sara. But love didn’t deter him from his dream – if anything, it strengthened his resolve.

Serving with distinction as part of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), also known as 'SEAL Team Six,' he carved out an exceptional career over 22 years. He earned himself respect among peers, one Silver Star—the nation's third-highest personal decoration for valor in combat—and five Bronze Stars.

The Life and Times of Chad Wilkinson in Virginia Beach

Away from service duties, life back home at Virginia Beach painted another picture—husband to Sara, loving father, and a devoted friend to many. His endearing character and laid-back attitude made him cherished by his loved ones.

Despite the pressures of active duty, Chad found time for another passion - fitness. He was instrumental in creating the 'Hero Workout' in honor of fallen comrades—a testament to his enduring camaraderie.

In an ironic twist, it wasn't combat that claimed Chad's life but rather the invisible battle scars he carried. On October 29th, 2018—Chad succumbed to these wounds at 43.

Key Takeaway: 


Navy SEAL Senior Chief Chad Wilkinson was a true embodiment of bravery, dedication, and strength. Born into a military family, he followed his call to serve, joining the elite ranks of the United States Navy SEALS. Over 22 years in service, he earned numerous accolades, including one Silver Star and five Bronze Stars.


The Invisible Wounds of Warfare

Like many service members, Chad suffered from invisible wounds. These are injuries not seen by the naked eye but profoundly impact an individual's life.

TBIs are a significant worry for those in the armed forces, particularly ones caused by blast waves during combat operations. In fact, according to CDC data, TBIs account for nearly 30% of all injury deaths in America, with countless more experiencing non-fatal consequences.

Blast wave injuries cause severe damage to the brain’s structure, leading to long-term complications such as memory loss and behavioral changes. The Department of Defense reported that between 2000 and 2023, over 414,000 service members were diagnosed with TBI – sadly, this was a reality that Chad faced, too.

Mental health issues also fall under these unseen wounds, depression being an ailment frequently encountered among veterans like Chad who undergo multiple deployments without sufficient rest periods. Research shows a clear link between deployment-related stressors and increased rates of depression among military personnel after returning home from war zones.

Anxiety disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), add another layer to their struggle. This leads us to our next area: understanding the toll these invisible wounds took on Chad Wilkinson's personal life.

The Personal Impact of Active Duty

Chad Wilkinson was a stalwart SEAL operator who committed his life to defending and shielding. However, the unseen injuries he sustained during active duty started impacting his everyday existence.

Despite his tough exterior, he was secretly struggling with mental health issues. These are often hidden but genuine battles.

Key Takeaway: 


Active duty heavily affected Navy SEAL Senior Chief Chad Wilkinson. Invisible wounds like traumatic brain injuries and mental health issues such as depression and PTSD marked his service years. Despite his resilience, these unseen yet profound impacts began infiltrating Chad's daily life.

The Hidden Pain Behind The Hero

"Chad was always strong and confident," Sara explained. "But behind his brave facade, he battled with invisible wounds." These hidden injuries were not from bullets or shrapnel but rather blast wave injuries, causing traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In military parlance, TBI is often called the signature wound of modern warfare. With an estimated 7% to 8% prevalence rate among veterans returning from deployments, it’s no surprise that this condition plagued even our hero, Chad.

Mental Health and Military Life Intersecting

Navy SEALs are known for their resilience in facing physical challenges. But dealing with mental health issues like depression can be a different beast altogether - one which even elite special operators find hard to tame.

"There were days when he would just stare out at was like he wasn't there anymore," said Sara, recounting the later years of Chad’s life. Despite efforts to get him help through various treatments and therapies available within the Naval Special Warfare community, things didn’t improve significantly.

Key Takeaway: 

Understanding the hidden struggles of military heroes like Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson is crucial. Behind his strong facade, he wrestled with mental health issues and traumatic brain injuries - often unseen wounds in warfare. Despite treatments, his condition worsened, but didn't stop him from being a loving father and husband.

The Impact of Chad Wilkinson's Suicide on the Military Community

Chad Wilkinson was more than just a Navy SEAL. He was a friend, husband, and father whose suicide shook the military community to its core. The tragedy of Chad Wilkinson's death highlighted the need for increased support and resources for military personnel.

Sara Wilkinson's Vow to Prevent Military Suicides

In her grief, Sara made an urgent call to arms against what she termed "the silent killer" in their midst - suicides among active duty personnel and veterans alike. She understood it wasn't enough mourning; there had to be action, too.

This led her toward advocacy work with VETS Inc., where she could make sure no other family would go through such pain again by bringing awareness about mental health issues faced by military members like her late husband, Chad.

"If I can help one person or save one life by sharing our story, then my mission is accomplished," said Sara during an interview on Veterans Day. These words echoed across every home tied closely with armed forces, stirring up conversations about mental health struggles between soldiers and those close them."

A Shift in Perception Around Mental Health

Military culture has traditionally been stoic - showing vulnerability is often seen as a weakness that might put your team at risk. Still, events surrounding Chad’s suicide sparked a shift in perception within ranks regarding the importance of addressing these hidden wounds before they become fatal blows akin to a tragic incident experienced by Chad's family.

With an estimated 13-14 military members committing suicide every day, it was clear that the system needed to do more. Veterans and active-duty personnel suffered from unseen injuries like PTSD and traumatic brain injury, which often led them down a dark path of isolation and despair, just as it did with Chad.

This harsh truth highlights the need to channel resources into mental health services and prevention efforts. We're aiming at both active duty personnel and veterans so they don't feel isolated in their battles. With this approach, we hope to decrease these numbers significantly.

Key Takeaway: 


igmatized and more recognized as a part of the human experience. But we still have a long way to go. More mental health resources are crucial in our fight against this silent killer affecting our brave service members and veterans. Sara Wilkinson continues her advocacy work, pushing for increased awareness and support to save lives.

The Formation and Impact of VETS, Inc.

As the echoes of Chad's funeral faded away, a spark ignited in Sara Wilkinson's heart. Moved by her husband's dedication and the difficulties he faced with his mental health, Sara Wilkinson was spurred to pay tribute to him meaningfully. Thus, Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), Inc. was held on Veterans Day.

VETS, Inc. aims to bring awareness about many military members' silent struggles post-service. It focuses on those dealing with traumatic brain injuries or psychological disorders like PTSD - often-overlooked casualties of warfare.

Sara understood that for veterans returning home from combat zones around the world, reintegrating into society can be challenging due to these invisible wounds. But VETS is there as a beacon guiding them towards appropriate treatment options.

A Revolutionary Approach Towards Healing

Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions doesn't just provide traditional therapy routes; it promotes alternative therapies that are gaining traction within scientific communities but remain largely inaccessible for most veterans due to cost barriers.

This approach stemmed directly from Chad’s journey trying different treatments before his death at 43 years old – showing us how dire this situation can be if not appropriately addressed.

Making Strides in Veteran Mental Health Support

VETS has made significant strides towards its goal in its relatively short existence. VETS has successfully aided over two hundred veterans and their families to receive medical attention without worrying about the expenses involved, providing treatments that may have otherwise been unattainable.

An Inspirational Workout for a Great Cause

The CrossFit Hero workout 'Chad' was created to honor Chad and raise funds. It's a grueling stair-climbing routine mirroring the physical exertion endured by SEALs during their training and missions.

The CrossFit community worldwide now regularly participates in this hero workout, honoring not only Chad but all veterans who face similar struggles post-service.

Key Takeaway: 


Chad Wilkinson's wife, Sara, was inspired by his struggle and sacrifice to establish Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), Inc. This organization supports military veterans grappling with mental health issues after their service. VETS champions alternative therapies and has already significantly impacted by helping over 200 families access these transformative treatments. To add to this effort, the CrossFit Hero workout named 'Chad' is also used to raise funds for VETS.

FAQs about Chad Wilkinson, Navy SEAL

What are the 1000 steps for Chad?

The 1000 Steps for Chad is a tribute workout dedicated to Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson. It's about climbing stairs or running hills, symbolizing overcoming personal struggles.

What is Chad CrossFit?

"Chad" CrossFit is an intense stair-climbing workout named after Navy SEAL Senior Chief Petty Officer Chad Wilkinson. It consists of wearing a weighted vest and completing 1,000 step-ups on a box.

What is the CHAD1000X?

Sara Wilkinson created the CHAD1000X Foundation in memory of her husband. The foundation aims at preventing military suicides through raising awareness and providing mental health resources to veterans.

Who is Sara Wilkinson?

Sara Wilkinson was married to Navy SEAL hero Chad Wilkinson. After his death by suicide due to PTSD and TBI complications from active duty, she started advocating for veteran mental health support systems like the CHAD1000X Foundation.

Chad Wilkinson Conclusion

Chad Wilkinson Navy SEAL was more than a title. It embodied courage, sacrifice, and an undying love for his country. His story leaves us with profound lessons.

We learned the importance of mental health in military members. Their invisible wounds need healing, too, as Chad's life showed us.

His wife Sara stood by him through thick and thin, giving us a glimpse into their struggles. Her vow to prevent military suicides is an inspiration we all can learn from.

VETS Inc., birthed from this tragedy, has the potential to make positive impacts on veterans grappling with similar issues - a beacon of hope amidst the darkness...

The legacy of Chad continues...and so should our efforts to help those who serve tirelessly behind the scenes...

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