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Chadd Wright, a former Navy SEAL and current ultra-runner, has an incredible story of perseverance and determination. As a member of the armed forces' most demanding unit, Chadd Wright had to surmount multiple barriers to accomplish his aspirations. This blog post will explore Chadd Wright's journey from overcoming challenges while preparing for the Physical Screening Test (PST) to becoming a respected SEAL instructor.

We'll also delve into how faith played a significant role in helping him navigate combat situations and cope with stress. Furthermore, we will discuss how Chadd shares valuable lessons learned through speaking engagements and mentoring sessions on mental toughness training techniques, physical resilience development, and fostering strong spiritual relationships.

In addition to his service as a Navy SEAL, Chadd Wright is an accomplished athlete who pushes himself beyond limits by participating in grueling ultramarathons. We will discuss his athletic endeavors while he balances entrepreneurship with peak performance using products like HOIST for optimal results.

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Chadd Wright's Journey to Becoming a Navy SEAL

Chadd Wright faced numerous obstacles to becoming an elite special forces operator. He trained relentlessly for the Physical Screening Test (PST), which he failed multiple times before securing a contract to join the Navy boot camp. His dream was almost shattered when he discovered a pericardial cyst on his heart, but after undergoing surgery and proving his fitness, he went on to deploy around the world as part of the Navy SEALs.

Overcoming challenges during PST preparation

Despite failing multiple times to meet the strict criteria for events like swimming and push-ups, Chadd persisted with intense dedication and effort over a long time to perfect his technique - ultimately attaining success by being accepted into the elite SEAL team. Despite failing several times initially due to not meeting the required standards in some events like swimming or pushups, through sheer determination and hard work over months spent refining technique - I eventually achieved success by earning a coveted spot within the ranks.

Facing medical adversity with determination

The discovery of a potentially career-ending heart condition could have been enough for many aspiring service members to give up their dreams altogether; however, instead, they chose to fight back against the odds stacked: undergoing a successful removal procedure while simultaneously maintaining the physical fitness levels necessary to rejoin training pipeline once cleared medically fit do so.

In addition to being resilient mentally throughout this challenging period of life, I also demonstrated unwavering commitment to achieving my ultimate goal of joining an esteemed group of individuals known collectively as the "Navy Seals," an elite unit within the United States Armed Forces responsible for carrying out some of the most dangerous covert operations worldwide.

Mastering SEAL training and beyond

After completing the SEAL training, Chadd served as a team leader and master training specialist, guiding other aspiring SEALs through their own journeys. His experience in overcoming adversity during his journey to become a Navy SEAL has made him an inspiring figure for those who face similar challenges in their pursuit of joining this elite group of warriors.

Key Takeaway: Chadd Wright faced many obstacles on his journey to becoming a Navy SEAL, including failing the Physical Screening Test multiple times and discovering a pericardial cyst on his heart. However, through sheer determination and hard work, he overcame these challenges and went on to become an inspiring figure for those who aspire to join this elite group of warriors.

Faith and Perseverance in Combat Situations

Throughout his military career, Chadd's faith has been a source of solace during challenging moments. One notable example occurred during deployment when occupying an evil-infested building; calling upon God brought peace back into their situation. This experience highlights how spirituality can provide strength and comfort in high-pressure environments.

Turning to Faith Amidst Adversity

It is common for soldiers to feel overwhelmed by fear or doubt in the heat of battle. However, Chadd Wright found that turning to his faith helped him remain calm and focused even under extreme circumstances. He made better decisions for himself and his team by relying on his spiritual beliefs. For those interested in further exploring faith's role in combat situations, check out this article for valuable insights from other service members who have leaned on their spirituality during difficult times.

The Role of Spirituality in Coping with Stress

Spirituality plays a significant role in helping individuals cope with stress inside and outside the military. Studies have demonstrated that those frequently engaging in spiritual activities, such as meditation, are more equipped to confront hardships (source). These practices allow them to tap into inner resources that help them navigate challenges while maintaining emotional balance.

  • Meditation: Meditation helps individuals develop mindfulness skills, which can improve focus, reduce anxiety, and promote overall well-being. A study conducted on military personnel found that those who practiced mindfulness meditation experienced reduced stress levels.
  • Prayer: Prayer can provide solace, guidance, and a sense of connection to something greater than oneself. In times of crisis or uncertainty, prayer may help individuals find the strength to persevere through difficult situations.
  • Fellowship: Connecting with others with similar spiritual beliefs can offer support and encouragement during challenging times. This is particularly important for service members who may be far from home or facing unique stresses related to their duties.

Incorporating spirituality into one's life can have profound effects on mental health and resilience in high-pressure environments like combat situations. Chadd Wright's experience is an inspiring example of how faith can make all the difference when faced with adversity.

Key Takeaway: Chadd Wright, a Navy SEAL, found solace in his faith during challenging moments and turned to it amidst adversity. Spirituality can play a significant role in coping with stress both inside and outside the military context by helping individuals develop mindfulness skills through meditation, finding guidance through prayer, and connecting with others who share similar beliefs for support during difficult times.

Sharing Lessons Learned through Speaking Engagements and Mentoring

Retired Navy SEAL Chadd Wright shares his valuable lessons on mental toughness, physical fitness, and spiritual relationships through speaking engagements, print publications, and online mentoring platforms.

Mental Toughness Techniques for Success

As a former SEAL instructor, Chadd emphasizes the importance of having an unbreakable mindset in high-pressure situations. He shares visualization exercises and stress management practices like deep breathing or meditation to help individuals develop mental resilience.

Effective Workouts for Building Strength and Endurance

Chadd's experience as a team leader and master training specialist at boot camp has given him insights into effective workouts that build strength and improve endurance. He emphasizes functional movements such as calisthenics or weightlifting routines explicitly designed for special forces operators.

Nurturing Spirituality for Deeper Connections

Chadd believes that nurturing one's spirituality plays a crucial role in achieving success both on and off the battlefield. By cultivating patience and understanding towards oneself during challenging times, individuals can foster deeper connections with their faith or higher power.

Chadd's message reaches aspiring Navy SEALs and others through popular podcasts like the Jocko Podcast and Cleared Hot, where he discusses topics ranging from combat situations to personal growth.

Chadd Wright's commitment to helping others develop mental toughness, physical resilience, and solid spiritual relationships is truly commendable.

Training Philosophy - The Combat Standard Test

He has adopted unique training methods like the Combat Standard Test to replicate the stress experienced in real combat scenarios. By pushing boundaries physically every day and helping others achieve their dreams along the way, Chad demonstrates his dedication to excellence.

Designing workouts that simulate combat situations

The Combat Standard Test incorporates various exercises meant to challenge both physical and mental strength. These include intense cardiovascular activities like running or swimming, functional movements like push-ups and pull-ups, and tactical drills that require quick thinking under pressure. By incorporating these elements into a single workout routine, Chadd ensures that he remains prepared for any situation he may encounter on or off the battlefield.

An example of this type of training can be found in Navy SEAL Workout routines, which often combine high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with endurance exercises and strength-building movements.

Balancing personal growth with helping others

In addition to maintaining peak physical condition through rigorous workouts like the Combat Standard Test, Chadd also dedicates time to mentoring aspiring special forces operators. He shares insights from years of experience as a Navy SEAL while guiding how best to approach challenges faced during selection processes such as BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL).

By offering his expertise and support, Chadd helps ensure that the next generation of special forces operators is well-equipped to handle the demands of their chosen profession.

Key Takeaway: 

Chadd Wright, a former Navy SEAL, uses the Combat Standard Test to replicate real combat scenarios and maintain peak physical condition. He also mentors aspiring special forces operators and relies on products like HOIST for optimal performance.

Chadd Wright's Ultra-Running Endeavors

Despite battling chronic ankle issues, Chadd continues to conquer grueling races like The Revenant, where only three out of 25 starters finished within the 60-hour cut-off time. His dedication to training every day showcases his resilience and determination as an ultra-runner.

Overcoming Physical Limitations

In the ultra-running world, physical limitations can often be a significant obstacle for many athletes. However, Chadd has proven that it is possible to overcome these challenges with hard work and perseverance. Despite managing persistent ankle issues, Chadd is devoted to surpassing what would be thought of as the outermost boundaries for many.

Chadd relies on a combination of targeted strength training exercises and careful race selection to manage his injuries effectively and maintain peak performance levels during races. This approach allows him to compete at a high level and minimize further damage or setbacks caused by overexertion.

Participating in Challenging Ultramarathons

The Revenant is just one example of the challenging ultramarathons that Chadd participates in regularly. With its unforgiving terrain and strict time limit, this race pushes competitors physically and mentally - making it an ideal event for someone looking to test their limits like Chadd does.

  • Badwater 135: Known as "the world's toughest footrace," this grueling course covers 135 miles through Death Valley National Park in California during peak summer temperatures.
  • Hardrock 100: This mountain race takes place in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and features a challenging course with an elevation gain of over 33,000 feet.
  • Western States Endurance Run: As one of the oldest ultra trail events in the world, this prestigious race covers 100 miles through California's Sierra Nevada mountains.

In addition to these high-profile races, Chadd also seeks out lesser-known ultramarathons that offer unique challenges or opportunities for personal growth. By constantly pushing himself to new heights and embracing adversity head-on, he inspires aspiring athletes everywhere.

Key Takeaway: Chadd Wright is an ultra-runner who overcomes physical limitations to participate in challenging ultramarathons like The Revenant, Badwater 135, Hardrock 100, and Western States Endurance Run. He relies on targeted strength training exercises and careful race selection to manage his injuries effectively while showcasing resilience and determination as an athlete.

Entrepreneurship and Athletic Performance

Chadd Wright is a true inspiration as a Navy SEAL operator turned entrepreneur, ultra-runner, mentor, and speaker. He demonstrates that when you concentrate on your aspirations, accomplishments in one area can be transferred to another.

Balance is Key

Juggling the demands of being an entrepreneur alongside training for grueling ultramarathons is no easy feat. However, Chadd's dedication to personal growth and development allows him to excel in both areas.

  • Time management skills are crucial for achieving this delicate balance between work and athletics.
  • Setting clear boundaries between work time and training time ensures that neither aspect suffers due to lack of attention or commitment.
  • Prioritizing self-care through proper nutrition, sleep, and recovery practices helps prevent burnout from negatively impacting overall wellbeing and satisfaction within each realm.

HOIST for Optimal Performance

To support his demanding lifestyle as an athlete and entrepreneur, Chadd relies on HOIST products. These specially formulated hydration solutions provide rapid absorption of electrolytes needed to replenish lost fluids during intense workouts or long days working outdoors under hot sun conditions.

  • HOIST's isotonic formula allows for faster hydration, ensuring that Chadd can maintain his energy levels throughout the day.
  • The use of natural ingredients and a careful balance of electrolytes ensures that HOIST products are both effective and safe for regular consumption.

In conclusion, Chadd Wright is a shining example of how dedication to personal growth and development can lead to success in multiple areas. By balancing his business ownership with athletic pursuits, he demonstrates the importance of time management skills, setting clear boundaries, and prioritizing self-care. Additionally, utilizing products like HOIST for optimal performance only further solidifies his commitment to excellence in all aspects of his life. Follow in his footsteps and achieve your dreams along the way.

Key Takeaway: Chadd Wright, a former Navy SEAL operator turned entrepreneur and ultra-runner, emphasizes balancing work and athletics through time management skills, setting clear boundaries, and prioritizing self-care. He relies on HOIST products for optimal performance during intense workouts or long days working outdoors under hot sun conditions.


Join Chadd Wright, a Navy SEAL, on his journey of perseverance and faith, overcoming challenges during PST preparation and medical adversity with determination and spirituality to cope with stress in combat situations.

Learn from Wright's training philosophy, which emphasizes designing workouts that simulate combat situations while balancing personal growth and helping others, and see how he overcomes physical limitations through ultra-running endeavors and utilizing products like HOIST for optimal performance.

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