Chadd Wright Navy SEAL: Lessons from an Unbreakable Warrior

Chadd Wright’s journey from a small-town kid to a Navy SEAL is inspiring. It's a story about human will, determination, and mind-body mastery. Chadd's tale stands out as one of the most motivating for anyone seeking to understand the lives of elite warriors.

Born and raised in the mountains of northwest Georgia, Chadd’s upbringing was simple. He spent his days hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors. However, he harbored a dream that was anything but ordinary - he yearned to become a Navy SEAL. This wasn't just a passing thought but a powerful desire that would shape his destiny.

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The Birth of a SEAL Dream

Chadd's SEAL dream began with a simple online search. He came across a Navy flyer promoting "the hardest military training in the world." Something resonated deeply within him. He craved more than the routine of his construction job; he sought a challenge that would push his limits.

Earning a SEAL contract is no easy feat, especially without fitness training. The Physical Screening Test (PST) is notoriously difficult and intended to eliminate all but the most capable candidates. Chadd failed. He failed multiple times.

While many would have given up, Chadd was not like most. He embraced self-training, teaching himself to swim, run, and push his body beyond its perceived limits. He finally succeeded after four months of relentless dedication, taking the PST every week. Little did he know, this was the beginning of his arduous journey.

The Heartbreaking Setback

The successful completion of boot camp filled Chadd with elation. He persevered through grueling training, and graduation day arrived. His classmates prepared for the ceremony, eager to begin SEAL training. However, fate had other plans for Chadd.

As his classmates celebrated, Chadd faced a gut-wrenching moment. His drill instructor pulled him aside and directed him to medical due to a concern about his physical. With his dreams hanging in the balance, Chadd made his way to the medical office, his heart heavy with uncertainty.

The news delivered by the Medical Officer was devastating. They diagnosed Chadd with a pericardial cyst on his heart. Though asymptomatic, the medical team feared that the pressure from depth diving could rupture the cyst, a risk they couldn’t take. His SEAL aspirations seemed to vanish before his eyes.

The Power of Persistence

Undeterred, Chadd refused to let a medical condition determine his future. He returned to North Georgia to find a surgeon to remove the cyst.

He faced rejection after rejection. Three or four different heart surgeons in Atlanta deemed the operation too risky. They saw it as unnecessary due to the asymptomatic nature of the cyst.

Finally, he found Dr. Cooper, an Army surgeon who empathized with his dream. Recognizing Chadd's unwavering resolve, Dr. Cooper agreed to perform the surgery, understanding its risk. The surgery was no small feat. They cut open Chadd's chest, detached a pectoral muscle, and broke a rib to reach the cyst. His life hung in the balance, all in pursuit of a dream that wouldn’t die.

The Moment of Truth

One year after the surgery, Chadd stood before the same Medical Officer who had disqualified him. This time, he was armed with his medical records from the surgery. He confidently handed over the paperwork, a testament to his unwavering determination.

The Medical Officer, astonished by Chadd’s resilience, reviewed the documents and cleared him for SEAL training. Against all odds, his dream was back on track.

The SEAL Experience

Chadd's time as a Navy SEAL was nothing short of remarkable. He excelled as a Team Leader, deploying multiple times to global conflict zones. He rose through the ranks, becoming a SEAL instructor and a Master Training Specialist. His dedication and commitment led him to serve as a presidential bodyguard, a testament to his skills and character.

However, being a SEAL extends beyond physical strength. It demands mental resilience, adaptability, and an unyielding will, all qualities Chadd Wright embodied.

The Combat Standards Test

The Combat Standards Test, developed by Chadd, is a testament to the grueling nature of SEAL training. This workout simulates half a day of intense land warfare training alongside a SEAL platoon. It's not a test for the weak.

Here’s what this test, which pushes participants to both their physical and mental limits, entails:

Exercise Reps Simulates
Front Squats 25 Loading a Humvee
Burpees with Pull-ups Varies Individual Movement Technique (IMT)
Constant Forward Motion 1 hour Patrol

The Combat Standards Test measures much more than physical endurance. It exposes the depths of mental toughness, demanding unwavering forward momentum regardless of the obstacles.

Life After the SEALs

In 2019, Chadd retired from the Navy, but his drive to challenge himself didn't cease. Instead, he embraced a new challenge: becoming an elite ultramarathoner.

He set his sights on one of the most demanding endurance races in the world - The Revenant. This 118-mile footrace through the South Island of New Zealand, with over 52,000 feet of elevation gain, has never been successfully completed.

However, Chadd seeks more than physical endurance from these extreme challenges. He sees them as a spiritual journey—a path to profound self-discovery and mind-body mastery.

The 3-of-7 Project

Retirement from the military didn't slow Chadd down. Alongside his brother Blake, he co-founded the 3-of-7 Project. Their mission is simple but powerful: to empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

The name "3-of-7" represents a powerful concept focusing on daily life's physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. By nurturing these three areas every day of the week, individuals can achieve balance and growth.

Chadd Wright's Life Philosophy

Chadd's life philosophy is encapsulated in a few powerful mantras: "Never give pain a voice," "Never, ever die in the chair," and "Break down big goals into bite-size chunks."

These aren't merely catchy sayings. They're principles that Chadd lives by. These mantras have guided him through challenges most people couldn't fathom, constantly reminding him of the power of mindset and determination.

The Power of Mindset

For Chadd, true battles are won and lost in the mind. He firmly believes that mental toughness separates those who achieve their dreams from those who merely dream. One of his core strategies involves dismantling seemingly impossible tasks into smaller, more achievable steps.

Whether conquering SEAL training or running an ultra-marathon, Chadd remains laser-focused on the present moment - the next step, the next breath. It’s about embracing the journey and focusing on what is before you.

This approach extends beyond elite athletes or military personnel. It's a valuable mindset for everyone. It encourages breaking down large tasks, whether in business, skill development, or personal life, into smaller, more manageable ones.

Chadd Wright: More Than Just A Elite Warrior

Lessons from a Navy SEAL

Chadd Wright's remarkable journey holds valuable lessons for us all. First and foremost, persistence pays off. Chadd’s story teaches us that obstacles are not roadblocks but growth opportunities.

Another key takeaway is breaking down big goals. It’s important not to become overwhelmed by the big picture. By focusing on small, achievable steps, we can make progress toward larger aspirations.

Chadd’s journey also powerfully reminds us that the mind is stronger than we think. With the right mindset, our bodies are capable of extraordinary feats. Finally, we learn that embracing adversity, rather than fearing it, can lead to incredible personal growth.

FAQs about Chadd Wright Navy Seal

Is Chadd Wright a genuine Navy SEAL?

Yes, Chadd Wright is a genuine Navy SEAL. He dedicated years to serving his country, showcasing his skills and dedication as a Team Leader, SEAL instructor, and even a presidential bodyguard before retiring in 2019.

What does 3 of 7 stand for?

3 of 7 refers to focusing on life's physical, mental, and spiritual aspects every day. It forms the bedrock of Chadd Wright's 3-of-7 Project, an initiative designed to empower individuals to strive for self-improvement.

What did Chadd Wright accomplish?

Chadd Wright's accomplishments are many. Despite facing a heart condition that threatened his dream, he not only became a Navy SEAL but also served as a SEAL Team Leader and instructor. His dedication extended beyond his military career as he transitioned into an elite ultramarathoner, further pushing his physical and mental boundaries.

Who runs the 3 of 7 project?

Chadd Wright and his brother, Blake Wright, run the 3 of 7 project. Following Chadd's Navy retirement, they established this project to guide others toward personal growth and self-discovery.


Chadd Wright’s story is one of unwavering human will. His transformation from a small-town boy to a Navy SEAL inspires. He teaches us that we can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges through determination, perseverance, and the right mindset.

His life’s work embodies lessons relevant to us all. Whether facing a tough project at work, dealing with personal setbacks, or chasing a distant dream, Chadd Wright’s philosophy offers guidance. We can achieve greatness by breaking down challenges, silencing self-doubt, and remembering to never, ever give up.

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