Who Is Chuck Pfarrer?

Chuck Pfarrer From Navy SEAL To Successful Author

Chuck Pfarrer is a former Navy SEAL turned author and screenwriter. His experience in the military has heavily influenced his writing career.  He's known for crafting thrillers with detailed action sequences. Beyond fiction, Pfarrer has also penned non-fiction works that delve into military history and counter-terrorism, drawing on his personal experiences from his service days.

His work in Hollywood includes writing the screenplay for films like "The Jackal" and "Navy SEALs." This background gives him a unique perspective, which he uses to create gripping narratives on the page and screen. Chuck's insights often give readers and audiences an authentic look at special operations forces' life-and-death decisions.

What BUD/S Class was Chuck Pfarrer in?

Chuck Pfarrer was a BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) Class 114 member. His training in this class helped shape his later career as a Navy SEAL, providing him with the experiences and knowledge that would inform his writing and screenplays. His time in BUD/S is part of his military background and an integral piece of who he became as a professional writer and storyteller.

What SEAL Team did Chuck Pfarrer serve on?

Chuck Pfarrer served on SEAL Team SIX, the U.S. Navy's premier counter-terrorism and special missions unit. This elite team is known for handling some of the most challenging and sensitive military operations.


Chuck Pfarrer is best known for his work as a screenwriter and author, particularly in the action and military genres. In Hollywood, he's recognized for writing the screenplay for movies like "Navy SEALs" and "The Jackal." As an author, he has penned both fiction novels such as "Killing Che" and non-fiction books, including "SEAL Target Geronimo," which is about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden. His background as a former Navy SEAL adds authenticity to his storytelling, making him a respected name among readers who enjoy military thrillers.

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