Who is Dick Marcinko?

It's been over a year since the legendary U.S. Navy SEAL commander Dick Marcinko passed away. Despite his important role in the history of the Navy SEALs, many people are still unfamiliar with his various accomplishments.

So, exactly who is Dick Marcinko? And how did he help change the course of the Navy SEALs' history? If you want to learn the answer to these questions, you're in the right place.

In this memorial article, I'll be paying respect to the U.S. Navy SEAL commander by taking a brief look at his career. Let's get started!

Early Career in SEAL Team Two

Twelve years after joining the Navy, Dick Marcinko joined SEAL Team Two in 1966. He was assigned to Vietnam War and helped lead one of the most successful military operations in the Mekong Delta.

His team killed a large number of Viet Cong soldiers and boats. Over the next decade, Marcinko would go on to serve two tours in Vietnam and lead SEAL Team Two in Cambodia for eighteen months.

Marcinko's Role in SEAL Team Six

When American embassy workers were captured in Iran in 1979, Marcinko was one of two representatives that helped craft a plan to rescue the hostages. Unfortunately, Operation Eagle Claw was a failure.

It resulted in the death of eight servicemen with no hostages captured. Because of Operation Eagle Claw, the Navy decided it needed a team that was dedicated to fighting terrorism full-time.

Leadership tasked counterterrorism operator Marcinko with creating this team. The result was SEAL Team Six, one of the most famous SEAL teams in history.

You likely know SEAL Team Six as the team of highly trained individuals that killed Osama Bin Laden. However, before their inception, the team was created and commanded by Dick Marcinko.

In 1980, when the team was created, there were only two other SEAL teams.

However, the SEAL Team Six founder named it six to lead the Soviet Union into thinking there were multiple other highly trained teams. Here served as the leader of SEAL Team Six from 1980 to 1983.

Civilian Life

Dick Marcinko officially retired from the Navy in the year 1989. Once he became a civilian, he went on to write the bestselling book Rogue Warrior about his life as a military member.

In addition to this, he wrote three more books about leadership and team-building.

He also broadcasted a radio program known as America on Watch with Dick Marcinko and served as a television consultant for a variety of programs.

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