Do You Have SomethingTo Say To The Special Forces Community? is always looking for talented writers with passion and pride for the men and women that serve our great country in the armed forces. Whether you’re a fan, soldier, spouse or anything in between.

If you’d like to write a guest post or have a story idea or tip for us, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s what we are looking for:

Great Writing
Passion for the Navy, military, our soldiers, and the United States of America!
A unique voice – be yourself.
Articles, Op/Ed, Stories, News, Tips, information and anything worth sharing with the military community.


What’s in in for you?
Pride. Give back to the Military Community!
We are interested in your story, article or opinion. Just fill out the form below with your submission and we’ll review it and let you know when and if it gets published.

Formatting Requirements

Though they are not required, images are perfect for grabbing the reader’s attention. So, please feel free to attach a couple. If there are too many for us to choose from then we will choose the one(s) most relevant to the article. Do not borrow and paste any images that you do not own.

Some things to consider when choosing an image:

Images must be a minimum of 200 pixels wide
You must have permission to use an image, or use one with no copyright issue.
If you cannot find an image to use, we will find one for you!

Article Length

Typically, most articles can be any length, but we recommend somewhere between 400 – 750 words. Keep in mind that articles that are too lengthy may be overlooked by some readers; however, if the article is well-written there is no max length for a post.


If there is a need for any editing to be done to an article then we will either provide notes for revision or we will edit the post ourselves. We will not change an entire article, but we may fix grammatical errors, make title changes, select other images, and so on.

Exclusivity & Copyright

In submitting an article to us, we assume that the post is exclusively for us at We request original works with exclusive rights for 30 days. You may not reproduce the article on any other websites during the 30 days; however, you may write on the same topic elsewhere. Please, keep each article unique!

In-Post Linking

Links are allowed in your articles as long as they are relevant to your topic. Self-linking is allowed, but only in your byline, and leave no affiliate links in the body of your article. Also, link to any of the sources used so that they may receive proper credit for their works as well.


This is all about self-promotion! We want to help support our guest writers so do not forget your byline! We will allow up to 3 links but again, no affiliate links or links to junk sites. Do not use this space for adspace or spam!

Once Published

When an article is published, we will send a notification to the e-mail the submission is made from. We will promote your article on all of our social channels, so be sure to help promote your article via your social media sites as well! Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Digg are just a few places that come to mind.

We are interested in your story, article or opinion. Just fill out the form below with your submission and we’ll review it and let you know when and if it gets published.

Guest Writer Submission should be emailed to [email protected] with 'Article Submission' in the subject line. All successful article authors will be notified within seven days of receipt.

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