Enlistment Requirements

Navy Seals Recruitment


Basic Enlistment Requirements

Joining any branch of the military involves meeting certain enlistment requirements and standards that must be met prior to acceptance. For example, most military branches have the same age and citizenship requirements. Navy Seals recruitment is no different in that many of its requirements regarding enlistment are the same as other military branches.

However, there are some differences, and anyone interested in joining the Navy should research specific requirements demanded by the Navy, and not assume that Army, Air Force or Marine requirements apply to the Navy.

Age requirements – The Navy recruit must be at least 17 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent for joining. Keep in mind that the Naval Reserve has a different age standard. To join the Navy, a person must not be over 34 years old at time of enlistment.

Education – A Navy recruit must have obtained a high school graduation diploma or high school equivalency diploma. For the high school graduate, that means completing the 12th grade and possessing a diploma. For a high school equivalency diploma, such is generally known as the GED or general education diploma. Those who have completed home schooled studies must earn a high school diploma or certificate of competency or obtain an education equivalency to ensure the basic education requirements have been met.

Drugs and Alcohol – Drugs and alcohol are not tolerated in the Navy. Very early on during the enlistment process, recruits will undertake one to two urinalysis tests. One will be given at the military entrance processing station, known as MEPS, and again when reporting for training at an assigned camp or base.

Health and Medical – Navy recruits, regardless of age, are expected to pass basic medical and health standards. A complete physical will be given to determine that all recruits are not limited in their capacity to perform their duties prior to enlistment.

Past History –  Navy recruitment includes a background check. That includes citizenship status, and any traffic offense history as well as criminal history. If you require specific information about what is and will not be allowed, contract a Navy recruiter about those specifications.

Finances – While most naval recruits do not have a financial history and are graduating from high school or college, there may be certain cases when a recruit who is interested in enlisting carries debt. If in doubt to whether or not the amount of your debt will limit your eligibility to join the Navy, it is advised that you contact a recruiter about your situation.

There are also limitations to joining the Navy if you are a single parent. The Navy will also generally not allow a parent who has more than two dependents who are under 18 years of age to enlist in the Navy Seals.

To determine the specific guidelines offered to potential recruits, visit a Navy recruiter or go online to the official Navy website to obtain additional information.

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