Has There Ever Been A Female Navy SEAL: Hell Week May Never Be The Same

Have you ever wondered, 'Has there ever been a female Navy SEAL?'  In the spirit of political or gender correctness, the day has come for women to be allowed to go to BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training) in Coronado, CA.

This surprises many, as 30 female soldiers have completed the Army’s Ranger school since 2015.

BUD/S is a six-month physical and mental course considered by many as the most brutal military training in the world.   “Sheer fatigue and sleep deprivation will cause every candidate to question his core values, motivations, limits and everything he’s made of and stands for, “ according to the Navy SEALs website.

According to Admiral Jon Greenert, “Why should anybody who can meet these (standards) be accepted? And the answer is, there is no reason.”

Has there ever been a female Navy SEAL?

With that said, will BUD/S training water down the rigorous training?  And will there be possible legal discrimination suits if someone is dropped against their will? What could be next in this fear-mongering, politically correct world?

Personally, as a BUD/S graduate, there is such closeness with your team that the definition of a good swim buddy is “he’ll  share ‘anything’ that is warm to survive the frigid cold waters.”   If women are allowed in BUD/S, this may offer a new wave of excitement to Hell Week.

Regardless, and I genuinely hope all agree, the military should not jeopardize the lives of military men to push forth a political agenda.  Many ask if women belong in elite groups such as SEALs and Rangers.  Yes, but only if they have the physical capacity without being the weak link that can compromise a mission or get a team member KIA.

So, to answer the question, has there ever been any female Navy SEAL? The answer is no.

At this moment, females have successfully graduated from SEAL support team training, but none have graduated BUD/S.  But like everything else, is that day coming?  If so, as mentioned above, Hell Week may never be the same. Hooyah!


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