How to Become a Navy SEAL

After a team of Navy SEALs successfully killed Osama Bin Laden, interest in this group greatly increased. Today, more people than ever before are interested in becoming an enlisted Navy SEAL.

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On the surface, it sounds simple to become a Navy SEAL – but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many steps you must take to get started, including a rigorous training program that most people do not complete.

Each year, roughly 1,200 Sailors attend SEAL training. Do you want to join them?

How you become a Navy SEAL depends on many factors, including your current situation. Everybody fits into one of these three categories: not in the military, in the Navy, or in another service.

If you are not in the military, here are the steps that you will take to become an enlisted Navy SEAL.

1. Visit a local recruiter. During your meeting, let your recruiter know that you want to become a Navy SEAL. In addition to discussing the SEALs, you be screened for basic eligibility. After all, if you don’t qualify to join the Navy you definitely don’t qualify to become a SEAL.

If you meet the basic eligibility requirements your recruiter can forward your information to a local Special Warfare coordinator.

2. Navy contract. Your recruiter can help you schedule a time to take the ASVAB, get a physical, and go through the background check process. All of this is completed at the Military Entrance Processing Station.

During this time, you will also meet with a counselor to decide if you are eligible to become a SEAL. If qualified, you will accept your Navy contract. While your contract will have a boot camp date, this will more than likely change once you receive your SEAL contract.

You will be put in what is known as the “Delayed Entry Program.” Your Special Warfare coordinator will give you an exercise regimen to help you get ready for the Physical Screening Test. Take this seriously because you cannot receive a SEAL contract until you pass the test.

3. SEAL contract. Once you take and pass the Physical Screening Test you will be reclassified into the SEAL program. At this time, your SEAL contract takes over and your Navy contract is no longer in effect.

All the work is done, right? Far from it. A couple weeks before Boot Camp you will once again have to pass a Physical Screening Test. You can read more on the official navy website.

Physical Screening Test Details

If you are worried about passing the Physical Screening Test you are not alone. Here is what you will be up against: two minute timed push-ups; 500 yard swim; 1.5 mile run; two minute timed curl-ups; and pull-ups. To be eligible for a SEAL contract you must meet all the minimum requirements. The better your score the better your chance of being selected for BUD/S.

Am I a Navy SEAL after I complete these steps? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Soon enough you will find yourself going through SEAL training. This is known as BUD/S and is a six month training course that will push you to your limits, both physically and mentally.

If you are not in the military and want to become an enlisted Navy SEAL, follow these steps.

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