Is a War with North Korea Imminent?

Have you thought about if the United States goes to war with North Korea? North Korea has made it clear that a thermonuclear war could break out at any moment. It has been quoted in dozens of articles all across mainstream media. Some have stated the situation in North Korean is very dangers and could lead to a war at any time now. Others believe a peaceful resolution can be found.

Vice President Mike Pence made it clear that Washington plans to work closely with Japan and other allies to find a peaceful resolution to the issues on the Korean peninsula. The times are challenging, but peace still remains the goal for President Trump and Vice President Pence.

They have made it clear that all options are on the table, but plan to work closely with Japan, South Korean and China to find a resolution without war. Peace has to be the first choice, but will it even be possible with the way North Korea sees the United States in today's world?

Japan and South Korea are both very vulnerable to a North Korean attack as they are within range of the conventional weapons. Japan is taking this very seriously with preparations to send troops to evacuate any Japanese citizens from South Korea.

North Korea has made it clear they plan to continue to test missiles weekly, monthly and yearly. If the United States takes military action, North Korea has also made it clear that it will lead to an all-out war.

The tensions are high and the United States has made it clear that the era of strategic patience is over. While a peaceful resolution is preferred, the new administration isn't afraid to take action, if necessary.

If North Korea doesn't make changes when it comes to the weapons they are testing, the United States and other allies may not wait any longer. A war could become a reality and it might not be long before war breaks out.

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