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Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL who has turned his hand to writing military and political thrillers. His books have garnered attention for their authenticity and thrilling narratives, often featuring the protagonist James Reece. Here are Jack Carr's published novels in order of their release:

  1. "The Terminal List" (2018) – This debut novel introduces us to Navy SEAL James Reece as he discovers a conspiracy that leads him on a path of vengeance after his team is ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission.
  2. "True Believer" (2019) – In this sequel, Reece finds himself drawn back into action as he uncovers another layer of conspiracy while combating terrorist threats across the globe.
  3. "Savage Son" (2020) – Continuing the gripping saga, Reece faces off against elite hunters who view humans as prey, offering readers an intense survival story steeped in primal conflict.
  4. "The Devil’s Hand" (2021) – This time, James Reece confronts the potential outbreak of bioweapons and must navigate through political machinations and dark secrets to prevent disaster.
  5. “In The Blood” (2022) - As tensions rise between global powers, James Reece grapples with personal demons while unearthing sinister plots with historical roots to World War II.
  6. "Only The Dead Know," announced but not yet released at my last update point in 2023, might be available now or soon, depending on your current date.

When delving into these stories by Jack Carr, it’s essential not only for chronological enjoyment but also because each book builds upon its predecessor. Thus, they're best read sequentially for maximum immersion.

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James Reese, whose expertise resonates authentically thanks to the author's own background, imbuing works with a depth of realism rarely matched by genre. This compellingly draws readers to deep, heart-pounding exploits unfolding page after page.

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