Special Note Memorial Day 2023

(Special Note From Jocko Willink Posted By Fox News, Memorial Day 2023)

Hey Brother,

Just checking in. Looks like some of the other boys have come by today.

Lots of flowers. Did you ever think you’d be getting a bunch of flowers from guys in the platoon? I sure didn’t.

But here you go.

They’ll look good for a little while anyway.

Then they’ll wilt and brown. Then the grave keeper will take them away.

Nothing stays forever.

I wish you could have stayed a little longer, though.

I’d really like to see you smile again. Hear you laugh.

Your laugh made other people laugh—me included.

A little joy in the world.

Joy that is now gone. I miss that.

I miss you.

But the world moves on. Time stops for no man.

Look at me. Gray hair. Wrinkled skin.

I’m the old guy we used to laugh about.

Who’s laughing now?

Even my kids are all grown up.

They aren’t kids anymore. You’d be proud.

Time goes quick.

You taught me that.

You taught me so much.

I was angry at first—angry at you, angry at myself, angry at the world.

I couldn’t understand why—why you?

Why were you taken from this world? Taken from me?

My anger grew—but it was all for me. Selfish.

Eventually, the anger consumed itself.

I realized my anger was unwarranted.

Over time, it diminished.

Instead, I became thankful.

Thankful to have known you.

Thankful to have spent time with you.

Thankful to have served alongside you.

Thankful to call you friend and brother.

Thankful for this life you have given me.

You won’t grow old so I can.

Your dreams were lost so my dreams could be found.

Your hopes were extinguished, so my hopes could be realized.

Your future was cut short—so my future could flourish.

In your death, you gave me life.

I will live this life to the fullest.

I promise:

I will not squander a moment—not a breath, not a sunset, not a laugh.

I will live to honor the gift you gave me.

The life I owe to you.

I will never forget.

Until next time,

Your Brother

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