SEALSWCC.COM Contributes Big To Our Special Ops Community is the Navy’s official website for potential SEALS and SWCC (Special Warfare combatant craft crewmen). It provides tips and insights on how people looking to become either a Navy SEAL or a member of the SWCC can better train to survive the brutal BUD/S and other courses that qualifies a person to become a SEAL or a member of the SWCC. It’s a resource that the nation’s finest young people can turn to so that their dream of becoming a member of one of the nation’s most elite fighting forces has a better chance of coming true.

The special site also provides the requirements that prospective SEALs and SWCCs must meet to become a member of these elite forces. It also answers FAQs that applicants might have as they weigh the pros and cons of becoming a SEAL or SWCC.

Practically anyone with a heartbeat knows who the SEALs are. But the SWCC? That’s a different story — and they like it that way.

The SWCC is a team within the U.S. Special Warfare Command. It employs and maintains a fleet of small waterborne craft used for Special Ops missions, typically in support of the U.S. Navy SEALS. They are known as the “Navy’s Best Kept Secret.”

They are a united, highly trained special operations force that specializes in both handling heavy weapons and navigating some of the most advanced small watercraft in the world. The SWCC is the premier mobility insertion and extraction element of the Special Operations Command. Officially founded 16 April 1987, the SWCC challenges those who qualify to be the best possible in advanced combat abilities, leadership, and precise action.

SWCC’s history intertwines with the general concept of special boat teams that prominently goes back to World War II. There were countless times during that war where special boat teams would be utilized for rescue missions to retrieve people in critical, precarious, and high-risk situations. Special boat operation teams were key players in many Pacific-area missions that included sabotage, raiding, reconnaissance, and blockades.

As technology progressed, so did the tools that special boat teams could use in fighting for our country. During the Vietnam War through to the Gulf War, these teams' expertise was a tactical necessity that served the nation well.

The Global War on Terrorism instigated several major changes in the overall NSW community. One of these changes was creating a new SB rating system for the SWCCs. This system allows each SWCC to concentrate on their unique talents and skills, to come together as a team using those gifts, and to take advantage of the many opportunities for advancement that the US Navy offers.

Some of the SWCC's duties are:

- Collecting intel about the enemy’s location and shipping traffic in coastal or riverside installations
- Overall reconnaissance
- Conducting raids against the enemy’s waterborne traffic
- Operating in independent, small units to accomplish operational or strategic tasks
- Operating and maintaining communications, weapons systems, electronics, small boats, and other mission-critical equipment
- As you can see, these duties depend upon their highly secretive nature to ensure success. SWCC Medics, too, serve as full-fledged SWCC team members. They provide medical support for combat trauma and other acute health crises during SWCC operations.

There’s no more informative site for prospective Navy SWCCs and SEALs to bookmark than When you prepare for the trials you’ll have to endure before becoming a member of these elite forces, it puts you one step ahead of the pack. If you have any questions about becoming a SEAL or SWCC, get in touch with them today.

All to say, we all owe SWCC a huge amount of ongoing gratitude for their tremendous contributions to the Naval Special Warfare community! Reprint from 2021 publication on

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