Leading Navy Veteran Careers Outside The Community

Ready to live a normal life following the military? Want to have a normal family life? If so here are a few leading Navy veteran jobs on the 'outside' not requiring hand signals? After retiring from the Navy, you may not know what you're going to do with yourself. It's time to find a new job and start a new path. There are some great jobs out there for Navy veterans and some are certainly better than others.

With an optimistic job market, it may not be just about finding a new job. It will probably become a search for the right job for you. With the right job, the transition from active duty to civilian life may become much easier.

The skills you've gained through service in the Navy will transfer into the civilian world, if you find the right job. Many valuable skills, such as leadership or information technology can be learned in the military. Below you will find some of the top jobs for Navy veterans to consider after they leave the service.

IT Program Manager

As an IT Program Manager, you'll make an average salary of $96,300 per year. This is a very good choice for commanding officers because you will need to understand all of the jobs of those working on your team. These may include designing, coding and other IT related tasks. Even if you weren't a commanding officer, this job may fit as you may have learned multiple jobs in case someone was injured in battle.


An option for those with language skills is to become a translator or interpreter. This can be a very well-paying job and it could include translating German, Spanish or one of the many other languages of the world. If part of your military training was gaining skills in another language, you'll likely be considered a high quality candidate for this type of job.

Physical Therapist

Did you know that the Department of Veterans Affairs employs more than 1,500 physical therapists currently? If you're a Navy veteran and you've had nursing or physical therapy experience, this might be the perfect job for you. Not only can you do something you're trained to do, but you can also help other veterans and give back to the community.

Management Consultant

Military veterans often make great management consultants because of the efficiency they learned in the military. This job pays around $100K per year and your skills in the military make you rather qualified for this position.

If you spent your time in the Navy making sure tasks and missions were completed in the most efficient way possible, you'll transfer into this job easily. Management consultants help clients find the inefficiencies in their operation and solve the issues.

Registered Nurse

While not all Navy veterans are qualified to become registered nurses, some will fit nicely into this civilian job. If you've been trained in nursing and first aid, you may be able to transfer those skills into the nursing field. You can even apply your military experience towards a nursing certificate just like college credits, in some states.

Information Security Analyst

A technology position perfect for veterans, the position of Information Security Analyst means you'll be in charge of helping companies with their IT security needs. Most military personnel will have some training in technology and some will be well versed in the field. This means, you may not need to use that GI Bill to get more training before starting your career. Instead, you can start working in the IT field with your current qualifications.

Electrical Engineer

If you spent time in the Navy helping with weapons development, creating electrical system test standards or working with improving navigation systems, the position of Electrical Engineer may fit you well. Many government agencies, utility companies and engineering firms will hire veterans with experience in these areas.

Intelligence Analyst

It only makes sense that a retired Navy veteran fits well as an intelligence analyst. The FBI and other intelligence agencies are often looking for skilled military veterans to fill these positions. If you still want to serve your country, this might be the perfect job choice for you.

A few other great jobs for Navy Veterans include:

• IT Project Manager
• Aviation/Aerospace Program Manager
• Software Developer
• Human Resources Manager
• Network and Systems Administrator
• Financial Advisor

Navy veterans make good candidates for a number of positions not only because of the training, but also the discipline and ability to follow instructions. Many companies are looking for veterans to fill key positions because they know serving in the military often translates to a hard worker with the ability to work with a team.

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