Matthew Cole’s New Book, Code Over Country, Discusses Navy SEAL Missions and More

( Staff)  Navy SEALS, arguably, have had the glow up of military history with their recent claims to fame. From receiving Hollywood attention on the big screen, book deals, and more, the general population in and outside of the United States, has had an inside track to what it’s like to be a Navy SEAL. (Or however much of those entertainment replicas are true.)

However, some folks are not only calling Hollywood stories into question, but what the SEALs have done in real life. In his recent book, Code Over Country: The Tragedy and Corruption of SEAL Team Six, investigative journalist, Matthew Cole from The Intercept, goes inside the background of SEAL Team 6. Including the nitty gritty of what these soldiers were asked to do, whether or not it was kosher by U.S. or war standards.

According to Cole, there have been portions of war, including missions of SEAL Team 6, when military units put their own codes before the Constitution. (Military codes, not personal vendettas, that is.) He also talked about this on an episode of Robert Scheer’s podcast, Scheer Intelligence.

Together, the pair discusses what military members are asked to do on missions, and whether or not there is a personal code, or a country code involved in those movements. (And if there should be: spoiler, they believe in the latter.) Biased against certain plans that are carried out, however, there are a few things overlooked, such as the fact that military members, including Navy SEALs, are asked to perform these missions by their own country. Even if the tactics seemingly go against prior doctrine. Their facts, however, remain sound.

For example, President Obama said Bin Laden was only shot in self-defense (meaning the plan was that he was to be taken alive.) Does anyone believe that?  Can you imagine the terrorism, kidnappings’ and negotiating threats that would had ensued if Bin Laden was alive?

War is not black and white, nor are politics. This is a key factor that we must keep in mind when considering military movement and the missions that they carry out, including seeking out our enemies.

There are two sides to every story, and with most SEAL missions, we simply don’t ever get to learn that second side. Or, if we do learn the logistics, it’s either through Hollywood lore, or decades later when the details have finally been unsealed from government offices.

Listen to the podcast and read the book for more insight as to where these journalists are coming from. But like anything, it’s best to take strong opinions with a grain of salt.  Especially if such opinions are lining the pockets of movie producers and book publishers.

Fortunately, Navy SEALs are above profiting opinions of the world. It's all about America, their families, striving for excellence, daring hard work and their teammates.  Not to mention dying for their country whenever necessary.

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