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Michael Murphy Medal Of Honor Recipient

The U.S. Navy SEALs are one of the most prestigious military groups in the world and boast an 80% drop-out rate. Although it may be hard to get in, they produce some of the greatest heroes whose stories will last through the ages.

One of those heroes is Navy SEAL Michael Murphy.

The officer was awarded the highest U.S. military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions during the War in Afghanistan.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Michael Murphy. Keep reading to learn more.

Early Life

Murphy was born in Smithtown, New York, on May 7, 1976. His father was a wounded veteran of the Vietnam War. He lived a normal childhood, playing sports like football and soccer with his father as the coach. In high school, he often returned to a job as a lifeguard at his local beach.

During high school, his friends often called him "Murph," but he also had another, more meaningful nickname — "The Protector." This was because he had physically protected a special needs child in the 8th grade whom other boys bullied.

Although his principal notified his parents of the "disciplinary" issue, his parents later said they "couldn't be prouder." Murphy later helped a homeless man who was being attacked while collecting cans.

Murphy later attended Pennsylvania State University and married his sweetheart, Heather Duggan.

Michael Murphy's SEAL Career

Although several law schools accepted Murphy, he decided to join Navy SEAL training and began his BUD/S training in January 2001. He survived the brutal training and graduated with Class 236 in November 2001.

After graduating and attending several other training programs, he began military service with the Foxtrot platoon and went to Jordan as a liaison officer. After this tour, he was assigned to Special Operations Command Central and was later deployed to Qatar.

In 2005, Michael Murphy became a SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE officer and went to Afghanistan. He became famous for wearing the path for FDNY Engine Co. 53, Ladder Co. 43 ("El Barrio's Finest") to honor his FDNY friend who had died in the September 11th attacks.

Operation Red Wings

During a counter-insurgent mission in Afghanistan, Murphy was deployed in a four-man special reconnaissance team of Navy SEALs. Murphy, along with two other SEALs and 16 other U.S. special operations members, died in action.

It was the most significant loss for the SEALs since the Vietnam War.

The four Navy SEALs were wounded but fended off an attack from a force of more than 50 enemies. Despite his wounds, Murphy risked his own life to save his comrades. Although it was hazardous, Murphy moved into an open area to get a better position to transmit a call that would save his men.

He moved directly into the open and calmly called for assistance with his transmitter. At one point, he was shot in the back and dropped the transmitter, but picked it back up and continued the communication.

After hours of battle, Murphy and two other Navy SEALs, as well as a helicopter with 16 other service members, died in action. Only one Navy SEAL, Lutrell, could pull off a harrowing escape thanks to Murphy's bravery and sacrifice.

Never Forget the Bravery of Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy displayed heroic courage and sacrifice to save his teammates on that fateful day in Afghanistan. It adds to yet another tale of bravery that the Navy SEALs have produced.

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