National Military Appreciation Month

National Military Appreciation Month: Let Us All Show Our Gratitude!

May is a particular time of year when Americans come together to recognize the incredible contributions of our military heroes during National Military Appreciation Month. We take a moment to pause and reflect on the selfless sacrifices made by the brave men and women who wear the uniform, both past and present.

From those currently serving on active duty to the veterans who have already given so much, this month is our opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering commitment to defending our nation.

As we embark on National Military Appreciation Month 2023, I invite you to join me in celebrating the courage and dedication of our armed forces. From small gestures to grand initiatives, every act of appreciation can make a world of difference to those who serve.

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What Is National Military Appreciation Month?

Every May, we celebrate National Military Appreciation Month. It's a special time to pause and honor the service and sacrifice of our nation's finest - the brave men and women, past and present, who have answered the call to serve.

History of National Military Appreciation Month

National Military Appreciation Month dates back to 1999. Congress wanted to ensure the nation had a chance to recognize troops publicly, both current and former, so they designated May as the month for Americans to show their appreciation.

Purpose of National Military Appreciation Month

This month serves as a powerful reminder of the profound contributions made by our service members. It's an opportunity to recognize, honor, and express our gratitude for their service and the sacrifices they make to protect our freedoms.

Congress Designated May

In 1999, Congress officially designated May as National Military Appreciation Month. The goal was to give the nation time to show public appreciation for our troops, past and present. It's a time for us all to pause and reflect on their profound service.

Ways to Celebrate Military Appreciation Month

We can celebrate Military Appreciation Month in many meaningful ways and show gratitude to our nation's heroes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Attend Local Events Honoring Military

Check your local community calendar for events celebrating Military Appreciation Month. From parades to special ceremonies, you can show your support and appreciation for our military locally.

Donate to Military Charities

Another impactful way to show appreciation is donating to trusted military charities. Organizations like the USO, Fisher House Foundation, and Wounded Warrior Project provide vital support and services to our military community.

Send Care Packages to Deployed Troops

For service members deployed overseas, receiving a care package is a much-needed boost of support and connection to home. Consider putting together care packages filled with snacks, toiletries, and heartfelt letters of gratitude to show appreciation.

Volunteer at Veteran Organizations

Giving your time to veteran organizations in your community is a hands-on way to make a difference during Military Appreciation Month. Whether helping at a local VA hospital or assisting with veteran events, your time and efforts are deeply valued.

Express Gratitude to Military Personnel

If you have family members, friends, or neighbors who have served or are currently serving, take a moment to express your gratitude personally. A heartfelt "thank you" can go a long way in showing your appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

Military Appreciation Month Discounts and Deals

Many businesses offer exclusive military discounts and deals for military personnel, veterans, and their families in honor of Military Appreciation Month. Here's a look at some of the ways companies are showing their appreciation:

Restaurants Offering Military Discounts

Many national and local restaurants provide military discounts, especially during Military Appreciation Month. Some even offer free meals on certain days for active-duty personnel and veterans. Be sure to ask about military discounts when dining out.

Retail Stores with Military Discounts

Numerous retailers offer year-round military discounts, but many provide extra savings during Military Appreciation Month. Stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, and Target provide special discounts for military personnel and their families.

Travel and Lodging Discounts for Military

Many hotels, resorts, and airlines offer military discounts, making it easier for military families to plan much-needed vacations. During Military Appreciation Month, some travel companies provide even deeper discounts as a token of gratitude.

Entertainment and Attraction Discounts for Military

From museums and zoos to theme parks and movie theaters, many entertainment venues offer military discounts, especially during Military Appreciation Month. These discounts allow military families to enjoy fun outings and create special memories.

Recognizing the Sacrifices of Military Families

While we honor our service members during Military Appreciation Month, it's also essential to recognize the incredible sacrifices made by military families.

Challenges Faced by Military Families

Military families face unique challenges, from frequent moves and long separations to the stress and worry of having a loved one serving in harm's way. Military Appreciation Month is a time to acknowledge these sacrifices and offer support.

Supporting Military Spouses

Military spouses are the backbone of military families, holding down the homefront during deployments and providing unwavering support to their service members. During Military Appreciation Month, we celebrate their resilience and sacrifice through events like Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Resources for Military Families

There are many organizations and resources dedicated to supporting military families. From counseling services and child care assistance to employment support and financial guidance, these resources help families navigate the unique challenges of military life.

The Importance of Supporting Our Military Community

As we celebrate Military Appreciation Month, let's remember the importance of supporting our military community throughout May and the year.

Impact of Community Support on Military Morale

The support of our communities plays a vital role in boosting the morale of our military personnel and their families. Knowing that their fellow Americans appreciate and value their service and sacrifices can make all the difference in their well-being and resilience.

Ways Civilians Can Support the Military

Civilians can support our military community in countless ways, from volunteering and donating to simply expressing gratitude when encountering a service member or veteran. No matter how small, every support act can have a profound impact.

Organizations That Support the Military Community

Many organizations are dedicated to supporting our military community, providing a wide range of services and resources. During Military Appreciation Month, consider getting involved with these organizations and learning more about how to make a difference.


May is Military Appreciation Month, a time to honor our service members' sacrifices. Congress set this month in 1999 for us all to show gratitude. Celebrate by attending events, donating, sending care packages, volunteering, and simply saying "thank you." Businesses also offer special discounts as a token of appreciation.

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