What Is The Navy Cross?

The Honorable Navy Cross For Courage

The Navy Cross is a prestigious and venerable decoration within the United States military, ranking second only to the Medal of Honor in terms of its honor for valor in combat. It is specifically awarded to members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard (when operating under the Department of the Navy) who display extraordinary heroism while engaged in action against an enemy of the United States.

Established by Congress on February 4th, 1919, initially as a retrospective award for distinguished service during World War I, it was quickly adapted into a recognition for acts of significant bravery or valor beyond what duty requires.

Unlike the Medal of Honor which requires action above and beyond call that is witnessed under circumstances making detailed investigation possible; The criteria emphasize gallantry not justifying Medal yet rendering individual highly deserving recognition courage tenacity amidst difficult conditions.

Recipients' actions often involve risk life significant sacrifice without regard personal safety objectives over well-being illustrating commitment excellence dedication found among America's armed forces heroes whom this medal seeks celebrate acknowledge their profound contributions defense freedom democracy globally.

Design-wise, the Navy Cross features an inverted five-pointed star adorned at center with sailing ship upon waves surrounded laurel wreath suspended from ribbon dark blue white reflecting traditional colors associated naval heritage symbolism embodied within both physical medal spirit it represents: Courage honor fidelity nation service others above self enduring legacy those honored through its bestowal.

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