Navy Seal Brandon Webb Offers Self Defense Tips

The recent shooting at a Colorado movie theater has more people talking about getting guns to protect themselves.  Former Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor Brandon Webb reported to that having a gun will not train people to make a headshot in low-light situations.  In the case of the movie theater where James Holmes opened fire wearing full body armor, it would have required a perfectly aimed shot to the head with the use of a night sight or laser to take him out.

It’s not practical to think everyone can get that kind of Navy SEAL sniper-level gun training, but if you want to become a Navy SEAL, call your Navy Recruiter for more information on how to get started.

Practical Personal Safety Tips

Since most people cannot undergo Navy SEAL training or become expert snipers – the following tips are for improving your safety in your daily life.

Rehearse and Practice:  remember fire drills when you were in school?  If you rehearse and practice what you should do in an emergency before it happens, you’ll be better prepared to take action if you are ever in the situation.  Don’t wait until you’re in a theater with an active shooter to think about what you will do in that situation; think about what you can do to avoid becoming a helpless victim before an emergency takes place.

Choose Safer Seats: when you attend movies, sporting events, concerts, or eat in restaurants  (or pretty much any public place), choose your seats wisely.  Sit where you can see around you, with your back against a wall, preferably near an exit.

Back into Parking Spaces: for a faster getaway, always back your car into a parking space so that when you are leaving, you can pull forward.

Make Conscious Decisions to Increase Safety: large crowds are targets for shooters and acts of terrorism.  They want to take out as many people as possible in one attack.  Avoid opening nights to events and vacations during the off-peak seasons to decrease the odds of being in a targeted area.

Take Cover But Don’t Conceal Your View: one of the common mistakes people make when they are a victim in an active shooter scenario is to try and hide themselves.  Taking cover is ideal, but if you can’t see the shooter, you can’t think and move out of the way if an opportunity presents itself.  A moving target is much harder for someone to hit than someone lying under the seats in a movie theater with their eyes closed.  If given the choice to move quickly to the cover of a concrete wall on the opposite side of a movie theater or ducking under a seat – you will be better off attempting to get to the wall for cover.  A gunman will have to reload their gun at some point or will become distracted from the attack at times – be ready to use those moments to your advantage.

Get a 200 Lumens or Higher Tactical Flashlight:  High-lumen flashlights will completely blind an assailant in broad daylight and darkness – giving you a few seconds to get out of the way or attack.

Learn Self-Defense Skills: look for courses offered by law enforcement professionals or former military members and learn basic self-defense skills that can save your life.

The Red Circle: Brandon Webb’s Story in Naval Special Operations

Brandon Webb's experiences in the US Military are uncovered in the book The Red Circle.  You will learn why he wanted to become a Navy Seal, what it takes to be a Navy Seal, and how you know to put mind over matter to survive the Navy Seal life.  His years of training in Naval Special Operations with the most elite sniper corps, his combat tours in both the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, and his second career as a US Navy SEAL sniper instructor are all examined in great detail, providing readers with an inside look at the making of a Special Operations warrior.

Brandon Webb designed new sniper standards based on his experiences with the Taliban and al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan.  Marcus Luttrell credits his training with Webb to his survival during Operation Redwing in 2005 in Afghanistan.  Chris Kyle, also trained by Webb, is the US Military’s top marksman – with more than 150 confirmed kills.

The Red Circle provides an intimate and intense look into the US Navy SEAL sniper training, and the world's most exclusive military training courses.  It’s a valuable read for people wanting to become a Navy SEAL or anyone who dreams of reaching unattainable goals.

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