Navy SEAL Foundation Helping In Times Of Tragedy

The Navy SEAL Foundation is Always There With Family Support When Needed.

The Navy SEAL Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides immediate and ongoing support to the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community and its families. They step in with help during times of tragedy, offering comfort and aid to grieving families. The foundation also backs educational opportunities for SEALs and their families, helping them thrive beyond military service.

They offer programs focused on warrior support and family services, educational opportunities, legacy preservation efforts, and transition assistance for those moving from active duty to civilian life. They aim to bolster physical and emotional resilience within the NSW community by addressing issues such as combat trauma recovery or survivor support.

Moreover, they provide scholarships and grants for current operators and their spouses and children because education plays a vital role in successful futures. This helps ensure everyone connected with our brave warriors has access to resources that foster personal development.

In summary:

  • The Navy SEAL Foundation supports US Navy SEALS & their loved ones.
  • They give critical aid after losses & back strong communities.
  • Education gets a big focus - it's vital for future success post-service.

It's an essential lifeline ensuring no member of this elite group faces hardship alone!

The NSF mission is simple.  Provide critical support for the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare.

Undoubtedly, the NSF is a high-performing organization committed to excellence. Charity Navigator has awarded them a 4-star rating since 2009 and a perfect score of “100” since 2014 for their financial health, accountability, and transparency. NSF ranks higher than 99.9% of all charities nationwide. Less than 100 charities can make this claim annually, with ninety-three cents of every dollar donated directly funding their programs.

Ironically, the NSF is the polar opposite of the group they support.  Think about it.  Navy SEALs are all about the “suck-it-up,”” pain is good,” and “never quit” attitude, but the NSF says something like, “Wait a minute, pain is not always good;” every individual matters, including SEAL families.  Even so, they both share the same daring sense of purpose.

Fortunately, the NSF is all-in and committed to supporting our valued warriors and their families, and finding another organization that supports its mission as vital as the NSF may be impossible. 

For more info on the Navy SEAL Foundation, click here for an interview with Robin King, CEO of NSF.


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