Who Is Navy SEAL Jocko Willink?

When it comes to developing American heroes, the US Navy SEALs are famously honored as a training ground. Navy SEAL Jocko Willink is no exception. Retired in 2010, Jocko Willink spent two decades in the Navy SEAL program and has since founded Echelon Front - a leadership consulting business.

He is also an author and podcaster, recently publishing "Jocko Willink Extreme Ownership" along with "The Dichotomy of Leadership." He is a recipient of the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and numerous other personal awards. He is also a decorated serviceman who now lends his abilities and philosophies to clubs and businesses nationwide.

Willink is not your typical motivational speaker. He comes from a place of experience and honesty to elevate your organization's leadership skills.

If you or your organization is looking for a leadership consulting contact, Jocko has the resume to take it to the next level. Read on to learn 3 reasons why.

3 Amazing Facts About Navy SEAL Jocko Willink

As if being a 20-year veteran of the Navy SEALs isn't impressive enough, Willink has many other accomplishments that help bolster his credibility as a leadership consultant. His training in both the special forces and his work in the public sector make him the ideal speaker for your business retreat or conference.

Jocko is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A highly trained martial artist, Jocko is the co-owner of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu manufacturer, the only one of its kind in the United States. Jocko uses his experience in martial arts to help design and sell Jiu-Jitsu friendly items. He also owns an outfitting company that caters to like-minded individuals called Origin USA. Origin USA can hook you up with everything from apparel to survival supplies.

He Was A Member of Three Different SEAL Teams

Being a member of the special forces in the Navy is nothing to scoff at, especially when you have risen to the officer ranks. Jocko Willink adds to his resume the fact that he worked with SEAL teams 1 and 2 for eight years and then SEAL team three for the remaining 12 years of his career.

He led forces in Iraq and has also been an important member of forces in Asia, Europe, and various other locations in the Middle East.

He Is Now A Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur

Along with being a best-selling author and podcaster, Jocko Willink is a self-made millionaire entrepreneur. His consistent drive and disciplined outlook on the business world have had a heavy influence through his time in the Navy special forces.

Hire a Proven Leader For Your Next Event

There are few things that motivate a staff of professionals more than hearing from someone who has been through the fire and come out successfully on the other side.

Navy SEAL Jocko Willink is a great example of such a person. A millionaire entrepreneur, 20 year member of the Navy special forces, and accomplished author and podcaster is sure to light a fire with your staff.

If you'd like to learn more about Echelon Front, "Jocko Willink Extreme Ownership," or any of his other work, please contact us to learn more. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Written By: Patrick Evans

    I listen to every Jocko podcast. As well as others of similar ilk. Much of what he espouses and applies is what I used in my coaching career of 35 years, beginning at age 19. My combat decorated Dad, eventually deceased of wound, taught me much about leadership, put in very simple terms at my young age, and exemplified in his actions daily. It aided me not only in my coaching and teaching (English) career, but in life. Yet what Jocko has done is made those principles expansive and detailed and illustrated unlike I’ve known. He affirms in concrete and clear terms the application of what needs to be taught, learned and adhered to in belief. He has directly aided me and my assistants in our continued program success. Particularly in reading his books, where, in black and white, the guidelines are there to be digested and employed. My Dad would’ve loved his books and podcasts. As my Dad would’ve also loved what Stumpf, Glover, Ritland, Ryan, Luttrell and others share. But no doubt the style of Jocko in presentation and persona would’ve resonated with my Dad.

    • Written By: larryf

      Thank you, Patrick. Your dad sounds like a mighty warrior deserving of equal praise (as many SEALs discussed here on NavySeal.com). And thank you for investing in our youth… this country certainly benefits from teachers like yourself who stand strong and honor the men/women who sacrificed for our country. Maintain the charge, sir.

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