Navy SEAL Mission Profiles

Navy SEAL Mission Profiles

When it comes down to the wire, Navy SEALs are ready to take on any task that is asked of them, but the Navy SEAL teams’ most specialized roles are Special Reconnaissance and Direct Action.

Direct Action missions are fast-paced missions during which the SEALs’ infiltrate the target, complete their objective, and exfiltrate within a short amount of time. The team’s objective in direct action missions may be anything from capturing a high-profile target to recovering sensitive information.

Special Reconnaissance is a different kind of mission during which it is the SEAL team’s utmost priority to remain undetected and avoid contact with the enemy. These missions involve performing a recon of a certain target area to gather intelligence on the enemy’s position, strength, or any other information that could be critical to military operations.

Other various assignments that Navy SEALs often carry out are:

Unconventional warfare – using covert tactics to infiltrate enemy territory and perform such operations as training local soldiers, sabotage, or any actions that weaken the enemy’s infrastructure

Counter-terrorism – operations that utilize offensive tactics to prevent, deter, or respond to terrorist threats or attacks

Counter-drug ops – operations intended to halt the production of illegal narcotics or prevent the distribution of such drugs in the United States

Personnel recovery – Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) missions are fast-paced missions in which SEALs are called upon to locate and rescue captured, cut-off, or missing soldiers or allies

Foreign/domestic security – providing security assistance for valuable assets or important persons; can range anywhere from convoy security to static security of a target.