Navy SEAL: One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The Navy

Joining the military is a decision that could benefit you for the rest of your life.

Choosing your military career when you sign up is important because it can help mold the career path you take after your time in the military comes to a close. No matter which career you decide to pursue when you join, it is advisable to know what you are getting into before you sign on the dotted line. If you are looking for the most dangerous job in the military, here are just a few in the Navy:

Navy Flight Deck Crew

One of the most dangerous jobs in the Navy is any position that requires you to be on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. There are many jobs in the Navy that are on the flight deck and every one carries the same dangers. These jobs are considered the most dangerous classification of jobs in the US Navy.

Accidents on flight decks can range from crew members falling overboard to a crew member being too close to an engine intake and ending up hurt or killed by being sucked into the aircraft engine. 42 crew members have been injured or killed since 1980 despite the rigorous safety standards of the Navy for everyone that works on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.


Not everyone has what it takes to become a Navy SEAL. The training is rigorous, intense and most who try to become a SEAL will fail. First, SEAL prospects must pass a rigorous physical training test while in basic training. Then afterwards about 200 or so will arrive in Coronado CA for the beginning of a six month bold and daring training comprised of three phases. Normally about 20 or so of the initial 200 will successfully graduate BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL). Many believe that the Navy SEAL is the best of the best at their specialty.

The SEAL is expected to carry out their mission no matter what. No excuses ever! Their missions are usually done in silence and are completed as quickly as possible. They extract prisoners and enemies and gather useful information in places of the world that are too dangerous for anyone without their training and knowledge to go. No job too big or too small for this silent warrior.

One thing is for sure... becoming a Navy SEAL will change your life forever!

Navy Rescue Swimmer

Rescue Swimmers are an elite team of Navy personnel that go through a rigorous training program to rescue people that are in the water and in danger of losing their life. It doesn't matter what the weather conditions are, the Rescue Swimmer will have to rappel into the water. This MOS is responsible for the water rescue of Navy personnel in addition to civilians.

Rescue Swimmers can be called out for natural disasters, accidents and anything else that happen in the water that endangers the life of another human being. Rescue Swimmers have to be willing to risk their own life to save the life of another.

There are hundreds of jobs available in the Navy for recruits to choose from. Each has its own specialized training, physical requirements and ASVAB score requirements. These three dangerous jobs mentioned aren't for everyone but they are three elite positions that are dangerous but at the same time they are some of the noble military career paths that you could choose to help build your civilian career after you leave the military.

There are many other bravado Navy careers. Like EOD for one. Please feel free to tell us about your favorite Navy career by blogging below! We'll love to hear from you!

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