Navy SEALs Duty Stations

Did you know that Navy SEAL teams are deployed in more than 25 countries around the world? Many people believe that all SEALs are located primarily in the United States. While there are SEALs at home, these highly trained individuals are located from one side of the world to the next.

Upon becoming a Navy SEAL, you could be deployed to one of many areas—many of which are located outside the United States.

US-Based Navy SEALs Duty Stations

SEAL teams are stationed in three US-based locations:

1. Coronado, California

This is the most well-known Navy SEAL station, as it is home to the Naval Special Warfare Center and Naval Special Warfare Command.

Coronado is also where Navy SEAL training takes place. As you continue on your path of becoming a SEAL, you will eventually end up in Coronado, CA.

2. Little Creek, Virginia

This station is located between Virginia Beach and Norfolk. It is home to SEAL Teams two, four, eight, and ten, as well as the Naval Special Warfare Group two.

Naval Special Warfare Group four is also stationed in Little Creek, and is primarily responsible for special boat teams.

3. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

The SEALs only have one vehicle delivery team, and it is located in Pearl Harbor, HI.

Regardless of location, when special operations forces are required, the SEALs are called into action. These three duty stations play a large part in the overall efficiency of the Navy SEALs. From Coronado to Little Creek to Pearl Harbor in the United States, to those in other parts of the world, Navy SEALs are everywhere.

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