Navy SEALs Finish Off Bin Laden

Not every member of the Navy dreams of becoming a SEAL. That being said, some people strive to reach this goal – and good thing that they do. An elite team of SEALs carried out a top secret mission that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden – the number one target on the US terrorist list.

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At this point, the SEALs will not confirm that they were responsible for the operation. That being said, news outlets have reported this to be the case.

In years past, the SEAL Team Six was responsible for raids in other countries including Somalia and Yemen. But this time around they were put on one of the biggest missions in the history of the US Navy.

According to United States officials, CIA Director Leon Panetta was responsible for heading up the operation. Fortunately, the SEAL Team Six has a lot of experience working directly with the CIA – often times being referred to by insiders as the CIA’s Praetorian Guard.

When you join the Navy you are not signing up for missions like this. That being said, you are signing up to protect and defend your country. At some point, especially if you join the SEALs, you may be put in position to take on a special mission such as this.

The entire military, not just the SEALs team that carried out this task, has been congratulated time and time again. Are you ready to join the Navy and continue helping lead the United States on the fight against terrorism?

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