Navy SEALs in the News

As one of the most well known military teams in the world, the Navy SEALs are covered in the news from time to time. From good news to bad news and everything in between, the SEALs are sure to get talked about on a regular basis.

Want to become a SEAL?

No matter if you are interested in becoming a SEAL or are simply interested in the United States military, by keeping current with the news you can learn a lot about this elite team.

Below are several recent news stories for your review:

1. Hollywood Film Crew Comes To Navy SEAL Museum

2. Navy SEALs Project Named a Finalist in Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

3. Help Comes With a Job for Returning Navy SEALs

4. Special Ops Commander Says Book on SEAL Raid That Killed Bin Laden Is 'a Lie'

5. Navy SEALs' survivors to get a hand from local family

If you have any interest in Navy SEALs news stories such as these, continue to search online week after week. You never know what type of information you will come across!

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