Navy SEALs in the News

navy seals newsOnly a select few men ever have the chance to be part of the Navy SEALs. However, keeping up with this elite group is easier than ever before. Even though you may never become a SEAL, by keeping one eye on the news you can get a better feel for what they are up to and just how much they help their country.

Some Navy SEALs news stories are full of inspiration. Others pertain to unfortunate events, such as the death of one or more of its members.

If you are interested in staying current with the latest SEALs news, check out the following stories:

1. U.S. commanders cleared in helicopter downing that killed Navy SEALs

2. SEAL team in Afghanistan to go green

3. ADS, Inc. Presents $1 Million Gift to Navy SEAL Foundation

4. SEAL Team 6 founder visits Ozark

5. First photos released of SEALs crash site

News stories, such as these, are published on a regular basis. From recent missions to photos and much more, if you are interested in news pertaining to the Navy SEALs you will always be able to find something fresh.

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