Navy SEALs News

navy seals newsAre you interested in joining the Navy SEALs? Are you looking for a way to keep up with what this top secret unit is doing? You will never know the inner workings of this team until you are a member. However, many news stories are released everyday that at least have something to do with the SEALs.

News Stories and the SEALs

Regardless of your interest in the SEALs you will find the following news stories to be interesting and informational.

1. House Panel Calls for Historical Record of Bin Laden Raid

2. Lost Navy SEAL rescued by San Diego fire helicopter

3. The Back-to-School Wish List for Your Favorite Navy SEAL

4. McLean Boy Sinks More Than 17,000 Baskets For Fallen Navy Seals

5. Sara Paxton talks about training with Navy Seals for 'Shark Night 3D'

Did you learn anything from these Navy SEALs news stories? If so, there are more to come in the near future.

When you keep an eye out for news related to the SEALs you may be surprised at just how many stories you come across. For an aspiring SEAL or anybody interested in the military, this type of news can be interesting as well as educational.

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  1. Written By: Dan Tarbox

    i was told there is a magazine called the blast my buddy who was a seal two tours 69-70 chuck detmere wrote a lot of stories for the magazine i was wondering how i could find the stories an get copys of them. me a chuck was friends for over 30 yrs

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