Can You Keep Up With Navy SEALs Training?

Can you complete the Navy SEALs Training Obstacle Course?

Navy SEALs have a reputation for being in prime physical condition. If you have ever wondered if you could train with this elite force, the opportunity to find out might be closer than you think. For those seeking the ultimate challenge, Navy SEAL training courses are popping up in cities across the United States.

What’s in Store for Civilian Navy SEALs Training

The courses and tasks vary by location, but you can count on demanding activities that will push you beyond any limits you thought you had – and then some. Some who begin a class won’t even finish. Training classes range from daily 90-minute or multi-hour sessions to two-week camps where you receive the whole SEAL experience, including overnight missions. Active duty SEALs teach some courses at legitimate SEAL training facilities, while others are taught by retired military in parks and facilities around the country.

Why Would You Want to Train Like Navy SEALs?

Some students are looking for a next-level workout. Others get a thrill from the idea they can go toe-to-toe with the “best of the best.” Regardless of your motive, you’re bound to walk away from the experience, learning you are capable of more than expected. After facing such extreme conditions, participants find their usual day-to-day challenges aren’t insurmountable. Some participants use the course as a barometer to gauge if they want to join the SEALs. For the SEALs, the courses serve as an opportunity to promote the organization as a potential career choice for elite students and athletes.

All for One, One for All

As most exercise and training programs are designed to develop the individual, very few foster a sense of camaraderie like that found in SEAL training programs. In these programs, individual success is essential. However, since participants must work together toward common goals, they spend more time getting to know each other and ensuring they can work together to complete the obstacle.

The Mind Quits Before the Body

The long-lasting endurance of the body is one of the biggest lessons gained from SEALs training. The challenges faced are both mental and physical. To avoid being overwhelmed, students are taught to focus only on the task, shutting out all other distractions and thoughts. Students learn to function and complete tasks under extreme conditions and in various environments. You keep going, no matter what you feel or the assignment. There is no other option.

Go for the Gold

Even Olympic athletes are taking part in this grueling physical challenge. Among other benefits received, coaches seek out training to strengthen the tenets of accountability and teamwork. Olympic athletes are conditioned to work through fatigue and exhaustion, but SEAL training pushes them to new endurance levels. In addition, participants learn that if they don’t do their part, their team will suffer more than they do.

Test Yourself with Navy SEALs Training

If you’re a driven and motivated individual, SEAL training may be your next big challenge. Do you have what it takes? If you want to do more than train like a Navy SEAL and want to become a Navy Seal, call your Navy recruiter for more information and get started!

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