Navy Arms



Navy Arms is a company with an illustrious history in weapons manufacturing and supply based in the United States. The company, created in 1956 by Val Forgett, Sr., has done more than any other company in the United States to perpetuate the history of military firearms in history of America. Creating replica firearms in the traditional style of single shot rifles and carbines as well as percussion revolvers and military flintlocks, the Navy Arms Company continues to offer the best of history, combined with beautiful and detailed working examples of military firearms.

From single action revolvers to Navy revolvers to Sharps rifles, Navy Arms Company creates replica weapons that adhere to standards and demands of modern weaponry creation. The company produces Sharps rifles and carbines that were popular during the Civil War, as well as Henry’s, Winchester’s, and Smith carbines and rifles, famous in the expansion and settling of the American West.

One of their most popular models, a replica of the 1873 Springfield Cavalry carbine, is one of the most popular weapons used by the military on the American frontier. This weapon played an important role in the Indian wars, as well as the Spanish-American war. For ultimate examples of beautiful and functional design, combined with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Navy Arms Company legacy will continue to live on, thanks to the craftsmanship and demand for excellence in weapons manufacturing insisted upon by its founder, Val Forgett, Sr.

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