Navy Locator


Have you ever wanted to find an old acquaintance or buddy who is or was enlisted in the Navy? Then you need the services of a Navy locator. Such a service enables an individual to search for and locate a sailor who was, or is, on active duty or one who has been recently discharged from the Navy. While in many cases, personal information addresses are protected under the Privacy Act, a Navy locator service will be able to forward mail to those individuals upon request.

A Navy locator enables users to:

• Find individuals
in active naval duty, Naval
reserve, Navy retired and
Navy veterans not only in
the United States but also
around the world.

Submit messages

Provide access to discussion
and forum boards

Search by specific units

One such locator, called the Navy World Wide Locator allows search of the Navy personnel around the world. The number for the locator service is 1-866- 827- 5672. They may also be located or contacted through their mailing address at:

Navy World Wide Locator
Navy Personnel Command
PERS 312E2
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-3120

Access may also be offered
through the Navy locator
found on the website at:

Access to files and information
is determined for civilians
by the Defense Civilian Personnel
System. Information that
may be obtained may include
e-mail, telephone numbers
and physical delivery addresses
for sailors stationed at
various locations, both onshore
and offshore.

Active duty personnel may
also be found at: