Navy Reserve

Navy Reserve Jobs & Info


The Navy Reserve partners
with the active-duty Navy
members and personnel to
provide mission capable units
and direct support of the
naval fleet. There are several
different aspects of the
Navy Reserve, including Selective
Reserve Forces, the Individual
Ready Reserve, as well as
the Retired Reserve.

Navy Reserve jobs are an excellent choice for civilians who want to serve their country but who are already employed or for various reasons cannot serve full time in the military.

Joining the Navy reserve
provides benefits in:

• Career training
and development

Leadership skills

Military benefits

Anyone interested in Navy reserve jobs must be at least 18 years old and have a high school or equivalent education diploma or certificate. Navy Reserve recruits must also pass a physical exam.

Traditional Navy Reserve service requires a commitment of one weekend a month and two consecutive weeks on an annual basis for training, drilling, and maneuvers. Enlistment requirements for Navy Reserve recruits who have never served before are an initial eight-year commitment. For those who have served in the military, a commitment of two to six years is required.

To become an officer in the Naval Reserve, a person must be a US citizen between 19 and 35 years of age and must have obtained a four-year bachelor’s degree. Medical positions and career opportunities are extensive in the Naval Reserve and such individuals wishing to enter as officers in these fields are eligible for advanced pay and rank.

For questions regarding  Navy reserve job training, requirements, and service commitment, it is suggested that potential recruits talk to a Navy reserve recruiter or by calling the US Navy reserve at 1-800-USA–USNR.

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