Combat Assault Rifle for Special Ops

A New Combat Assault Rifle for Special Ops Teams
United States Special Operations Command, (SOCOM) has approved the initiation of training with a new assault rifles by Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, and other special operations troops and teams in the United States military. The new Mark 16 and Mark 17 rifles provide elite troops with a refined version of combat assault rifle that is incredibly versatile for a wide range of combat scenarios.

The new Special Forces combat assault rifles are known as the FN SCAR-L/MK 16
and the FN SCAR-H/MK17. The Mark 16 will fire the same size round as has been used for decades with M-16s. This 5.56 mm round is slightly smaller than the larger 7.62 mm round that is designed to use in the Mark 17 version of this assault rifle. However, by changing a few parts, including the barrel and bolts, Special Ops combat troops will be able to interchange both rifles and ammunition when necessary.

Advantage Of New Assault Rifles Used By Navy SEALS

Another advantage to the new assault rifles is that they come with three interchangeable barrels. Barrels can be detached and reassembled very quickly, a very important feature for Special Ops teams. The short barrel ensures incredible accuracy in close quarter combat situations. Another version of the assault rifle will accept an FN EGLM 40 mm grenade launcher. The third adaptation is a longer barrel that will allow decent accuracy at up to 600 or 700 meters. Both the Mark 16 and Mark 17 can fire up to 600 rounds per minute.

It is hoped that the Mark 16 and 17 assault rifles will eventually replace the rifle systems currently used by SOCOM forces, and that includes MK 25 sniper rifles, the M 14 an M-16 rifles as well as the M4 carbine.

So far, the rifles have met with favorable reviews by Special Ops forces. An Army Rangers Staff Sergeant, interviewed regarding the rifles versatility, states "If you are going to clear an urban environment, buildings, rooms, you'd probably want a short barrel on there. If you're in Afghanistan, and you're walking in the mountains and the hills and all that, and your distance is going to be a lot greater to the enemy, you're probably going to want to throw the longer barrel on there so you get that extra reach."

The mechanisms of the new Mark 16 and 17 rifles are gas operated and employ short stroke piston action. A major advantage to the new design is that mechanisms are less sensitive to dust and fine particles of sand. Primarily designed for use in Afghanistan, Iraq, and desert environments, barrels are quickly detachable and require a minimum of tools to switch over, and barrel changeovers can be completed within a couple of minutes. Both rifles versions are fitted with adjustable or removable sites and are capable of accepting night and telescopic sights using compatible mounts.

In addition, the new rifles designed for special operations teams have been designed for greater durability and to decrease the chances of jamming. Special Ops forces, and indeed all armed forces, need to be able to rely on the effectiveness, accuracy, and durability of the most important weapon at their disposal -- the assault rifle. The Special Operations Command is hoping that these new combat assault rifles will help to relieve previous issues regarding reliability and effectiveness of current equipment. The new rifles are designed to help to increase the ability of Special Ops troops around the globe to complete their missions as quickly, effectively and as efficiently as possible. Read more about Navy SEALS and Military jobs for special forces at


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