“Only God Can Decide If Terrorists are Right or Wrong. It’s Our Job to Arrange the Meeting”

Big time congrats to the UDT-SEAL Store for a favorite slogan t-shirt:

"Only God Can Decide If Terrorists are Right or Wrong. It's Our Job to Arrange the Meeting. U.S. Navy SEALs"
on the back.

On the front is the trident.

Great looking "t" for a day-long remembered in history. 9/11.

Check out this Only God Can Decide shirt here and a big time thanks for the UDT-SEAL store for all they provide and do for the community!

Here's more info about the UDT-SEAL store as posted on their website:

The UDT-SEAL Association implores every Past, Present, and Future Frogman and SEAL to join and participate in keeping this exemplary national organization that was designed to serve the needs of its members and their families. The Association since its incorporation December 1969 has been dedicated to preserving the image and legacy of our community. It is the aim of our Association to provide our brotherhood of warriors a common meeting grounds for them and their families to gather and enjoy the friendships of all those who served in and supported the Teams. These warriors come from UDT, SEAL, SWCC, NCDU, Scouts and Raiders, and OSS Maritime Unit Training.

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