Russian Ships Near Florida: What It Means for US National Security

Russian ships near Florida have been making headlines, bringing back memories of the Cold War for some folks. Although this situation may seem a bit alarming, I want you to know it’s not as threatening as it may appear.

We've seen similar instances before, and it’s nothing new. What exactly is happening, and how should we be feeling about it? We'll dive into all the important details about Russian warships near Florida.

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Russian Warships in Cuba: A Show of Force

Russia recently sent a task force to Cuba. It included the frigate *Admiral Gorshkov*, a ship with a long and illustrious history. There was also the *Kazan*, a Yasen-M-class nuclear-powered submarine that made headlines in its own right. Along for the ride were the *Academic Pashin* - a tanker designed to fuel those big ships on the move - and the salvage tug, *Nikolay Chiker*.

Imagine those ships heading into Havana Harbor. The purpose? To take part in military drills with allies, specifically Cuban forces. Russia maintains that it was a standard exercise, no different from drills that the US conducts worldwide. However, these Russian naval exercises carried a different sort of weight for the Biden administration due to their displeasure with the U.S.’s unwavering support of Ukraine.

High-Precision Missile Weapons Testing

The presence of the frigate *Admiral Gorshkov*, capable of launching the *Zircon* hypersonic missile, caught everyone's attention. A spokesperson for China's Eastern Theater Command made remarks about America "publicly hyping" this event, and it wasn't hard to see why.

Those *Zircon* missiles are nothing to scoff at - they are known for being difficult to detect and carrying quite a punch. Vladimir Putin once described the Zircon as a "unique weapon" without equal anywhere in the world. I bet he’s proud of those.

The U.S. and Canada deployed resources like the P-8A Poseidon, destroyers, and the U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter Stone to keep tabs on the Russian warships. Half a dozen of those Poseidons converged on that Russian flotilla.

What are the odds? And wouldn’t it have been cool to be on those cruise ships and get a picture? Pictures of the *Admiral Gorshkov* and the *Kazan* made their rounds on social media, a testament to how quickly news spreads in our day and age. Even Gov. DeSantis said, “If my responsibilities were different, that would not be something that we would allow to be happening.” He’s just looking out for the folks in Florida.

Echoes of the Past and Uncommon Knowledge

These Russian warships near Florida may feel like a flashback to a time we'd rather not revisit, like the Cold War with its standoffs and nail-biting tension. In October 1962, a U.S. U-2 spy plane took images, but this time, it wasn’t just some random thing they caught on film—it showed the Soviet Union constructing nuclear missile sites on Cuban land. It seems that the past is repeating itself.

But before anyone gets carried away with "Red Dawn" scenarios, we must remember some things. First, both Russia and Cuba made a point of stating these ships weren’t packing nuclear weapons. You heard it here first, and there are no atomic threats. Russia has also made port calls in Cuba, though those involved less cutting-edge warships.

Let’s not lose sight of this detail - the U.S. has routinely engaged in similar demonstrations of strength. In 2023, for example, two U.S. destroyers, the USS Nitze and USS Mount Whitney, made stops at Istanbul, pretty close to the Black Sea - a spot where Russia has a significant naval base. I wonder if they enjoyed their visit.

Are We Headed For Another Cuban Missile Crisis?

So, the million dollar question, are we on the brink of another heart-stopping event like the Cuban Missile Crisis? This is a fair question. You would think that seeing those Russian warships in the Caribbean would trigger red alerts everywhere.

This brings us to something we all should be thinking about - communication. Communication between superpowers like the U.S. and Russia is essential to prevent these situations from getting out of control. However, you won’t believe this - since Russia started its war with Ukraine, there has only been one single recorded instance of them using the de-confliction line. In this day and age, you think this wouldn’t be an issue.

This event underscores a key principle - clear, open lines of dialogue between nations can help prevent misunderstandings. This principle should be upheld all the time. Misunderstandings can spiral, especially in tense global climates, and lead to major consequences, especially now. Although we have no proof of this - we can hope they’ve spoken behind closed doors, for all our sakes.

FAQs about Russian Warships near Florida

Does Russia have ships near Florida?

Yes, a group of four Russian ships, including the Admiral Gorshkov frigate and the Kazan nuclear-powered submarine, traveled less than 30 miles from the Florida coast on their way to Cuba.

Does Russia have a submarine near Florida?

Yes, as part of the four-ship task force that included the *Admiral Gorshkov* frigate, Russia's nuclear-powered submarine, the *Kazan*, also sailed near Florida on its way to Cuba.

How close did Russia get to Florida?

The Miami Herald reported that these Russian ships came within less than 30 miles of South Florida’s coast. Cruise passengers even captured images of them about 90 miles off the U.S. coast. They got pretty darn close.

Are there Russian subs off the east coast?

Yes, in this instance, the Kazan sailed off the coast of Florida while en route to Cuba. I know what you probably think, but the US and Canada monitored its journey. We knew what they were up to.

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