Secretary of the Navy Terminates Trident Review Boards

The acting Secretary of the Navy directed the Chief of Naval Operations to terminate the Trident Reviews for three Naval Special Warfare team members. Given the unique circumstances of these three remaining cases, he determined that any failures in conduct, performance, judgment or professionalism exhibited by these men would be addressed through other administrative measures as appropriate, such as letters of instruction or performance observations on their fitness reports.

The United States Navy, and the Naval Special Warfare Community specifically, have dangerous and important work to do.

The Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, said that his decision in these three specific cases should not be interpreted in any way as diminishing this ethos or our nation’s expectations that it be fulfilled. Navy uniformed leaders have my full confidence that they will continue to address challenging cultural issues within the Naval Special Warfare community, instill good order and discipline and enforce the very highest professional standards we expect from every member of that community. These are standards that scores of brave Sailors have given their lives to establish and preserve. It is our obligation to honor their sacrifice, and the values of our nation, in everything we do in peace, in crisis, but most especially in war. We can, we must, and we will get this right.

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