Silent but Deadly Laser Weapons Perfect for Navy Seals

The United States Navy finally revealed perhaps its most deadly laser technology weapon for the future.

Careful not to reveal too much, the Navy named this new weapon LAWS (Laser Weapons System). It looks like a modest-sized telescope but can track moving targets on ground, in water, or in the air, and set them on fire.

Not to waste time, the Navy has already announced it will place this all-new weapon aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf early in 2014.

In fact, the Navy revealed in a test last summer, off the coast of California, that this laser weapon set flame to a fast-approaching drone, sending it crashing into the Pacific.

How about its accuracy? How about 3 for 3 in shooting down drones during this test, and if you count previous tests, it’s a whopping twelve out of twelve! Such incredible kill power, along with accuracy, meets Navy SEALs' high expectations.

But news regarding this new technology only gets better. Although many of the details remain classified, we know that LAWS can be integrated with the Navy ships' existing weapons, meaning both the costs and time to place LAWS on already-built ships will be minimized.

The best news of all could be the costs. Although the Navy has spent nearly forty million in research, it’s reported that each "laser strike" will cost less than a single dollar! Now, aside from having cheaper operational costs, replacing beams for bullets can be a positive for a military that's cutting budgets.

Think about it: the high-tech laser guns would be perfect for SEAL Teams high-speed patrol boats. Better yet, the lasers could offer little or no tattle-tale noises that guns normally do. It's no secret that these guns are deadly quiet.

All to say, this weapon is perfect for SEALS! As we all already know, Navy SEALS are the ultimate silent warriors.


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