The Best Auto Insurance Discounts for Military Members

Joining the military comes with access to many veteran discounts, but perhaps none are as sought-after as recurring monthly services. When you pay for an ongoing service saving means lowering your payment annually. That goes for options like lowered interest rates on loans (available to many higher-ranking military members), cell phone bills, and car insurance.

By booking through a military-friendly brand, members can enjoy access to lowered bills across the board. No matter their location or driving history. Of course, rates vary by brand, so it’s best to look at each option and see who can offer the most savings. Thankfully, there are plenty of brand that offer great savings for military affiliated customers.



Made for and by military members, USAA is a bank and insurance provider all in one. They also offer discounts to account holders, especially those who have good credit with the company, higher ranking individuals, and those who have multiple USAA accounts.

Available discounts include: multi-car discounts, parking or storing on-base, low-mileage rates, and more. Discounts range from 10 to 15% in total, with multiple options available for each account.

Check here for military discounts!

USAA is available to military members, veterans, and their families – this exclusivity helps create further drops in rates for customers, according to their website.

Liberty Mutual

Next, Liberty Mutual offers plenty of discounts for military members. They also partner with Navy Federal, allowing its account holders to purchase auto insurance directly through their platform. (While gaining savings for doing so.)

If you have an account with Navy Fed (or are considering getting one), you can get a quote through your app or online account.

If not, simply head to Liberty Mutual’s website and mention your military affiliation to receive a discount.


The GEICO gecko has your back, military members. This nationwide brand offers multiple military discounts for insurance, including auto policies. Bundle and save, or simply verify your service to save on a single account.

Keep in mind that nationwide companies (especially those that offer international options) can save headaches later on. With multiple moves, you can simply call and provide a new address, vs. local companies who can only serve a single state, forcing you to switch companies with each and every move.

Farmers Insurance

We are Farmers … du du du da du du dah – you can hear the tune now. Farmers Insurance is another national brand that provides all types of insurance policies to military members. Customers are also eligible for additional policy savings, such as including safety features on vehicles, anti-theft devices, and more.

Why Use a Military Auto Insurance Provider?

Military members and their family members often get a bad rap with insurance companies. Because, statistically, accidents can be more likely to happen on base, because military members put many miles on their vehicles, and move frequently, they can be the subject of high auto insurance fees.

However, that doesn’t have to be the norm. By working through a military-friendly provider, you can gain access to steep and ongoing discounts. Gain quotes to find access to your best savings options today.

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